Eurasier can give birth to four to eight puppies at a time. The puppies go into different developmental stages until they become matured so the pet owners should take into consideration many things necessary until the puppies become adult.

The Eurasier puppy’s development stage is something you cannot miss. You should know about the different growth stage about your newborn pet to understand their behavior and requirements.

Newborn Stage

The Eurasier puppies are blind and deaf which cannot even regulate it’s own body temperature and needs the help of their mother or their littermates.

Eurasier puppies spend most of the time sleeping. After the first week to ten days of birth, the puppy grows rapidly and will double its birth weight.

Neonatal Stage: Birth To 2 Weeks Old

During this week, the Eurasier puppy’s eyes will start to open. Its forelegs start getting much stronger and the senses of touch and taste are present during this week.

The Eurasier mother licks the puppies bottoms to encourage them to release urination.

Transitional Stage: 2 To 4 Weeks Old

During this week the Eurasier puppies will begin to get their body shape. Your puppy can stand by the end of this week and ears will be completely open, teeth begin to appear and puppies start growling and interacting. Towards the end of this week, it may have the taste of puppy food.

Eurasier puppies develop their eye sights completely at the end of 4th week and the mother leaves the puppies for play and explore the surrounding.

Socialization Stage: 4 to 12 weeks

Eurasier puppy can now run and play because it is a little dog playing with its brothers and sisters. The puppy starts barking, growling and steals its mother’s food to get a different taste. Most puppies take five or six little meals of puppy food each day.

Video Four to Five weeks old Eurasier puppies.

Eurasia puppy normally leaves its first home and joins its forever family and are ready for its new life. It is a very important period for puppies because it is the time when puppies are thoroughly socialized and have vaccinations like canine distemper, canine parvovirus, parainfluenza, virus, and rabies until they are 16 months old.

Juvenile Stage: 3 To 6 Months Old

Eurasier puppies start to lose young puppy look and resemble a mature version of the dog. Puppies run and play around the yard and will start exploring surrounding as well as they will start developing a dominating personality.

puppies of Eurasier dog
Cute Eurasier puppy. Image Source: Instagram @readysethugo

The Eurasier puppy will lose its baby teeth from around four months of age. It will develop chewing and biting habits so, keep your valuable things out of their sight!

Adolescence: 6 months To 1 Year

Your Eurasier puppy will have all 42 of its teeth and look quite grown up. It also has plenty of sex hormones developing so they should be spayed and neutered soon.

developmental stages of Eurasier puppies.
1 year old Eurasier puppy.

When Eurasier dog is 1 year old it can participate in various activities like agility training and dog shows. The puppy can challenge its people so, they should be sent to obedience classes to get formal training.

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