The most exciting moment while rearing a dog is the moment when they give birth to their little babies and provide us new little mates to play along. You surely will be curious to know what sort of changes will occur as weeks pass by any many more.

The large, dignified and keen Estrela Moutain dog goes through a lot of behavioral and physical changes after they arrive in this world. Wondering what changes will you get see? Here are some detailed information regarding the behavior and characteristics changes of the Estrela Mountain dog.

Newborn Stage

The Estrela Mountain puppies are deaf, blind and toothless at the time of their birth. They rely fully on their mother and their litter mates to regulate the temperature of their body. It is a very acute stage for the puppies.

Neonatal Stage (Birth to 2 weeks old)

As the Estrela Mountain puppies are born deaf and blind, they are unable to see and hear. However, they are still able to smell and sense things around them. They use their sense to approach their mother’s breast and feed themselves.

Little Estrela Mountain puppies sleeping. Image Source: Beech Tree Ranch

The Estrela Mountain puppies spend most of their time sleeping during this stage. It is fully a development phase where the puppies go through neurological changes.

Transitional Stage (2 to 4 weeks old)

The transitional stage is a very exciting stage as the sealed eyes of the Estrela Mountain puppies slowly start to open as well as the ears. The puppies will be able to stand and start walking within 21 days.

They’ll become partially mature and a bit independent from their mother by the fourth week. They’ll start playing with their siblings and exploring surroundings on their own. Teeth development starts.

Socialization Stage (4 to 12 weeks old)

This stage is a very important period for you to introduce your Estrela Mountain puppies with the surrounding and socialize them with other dogs and people.

An Estrela Mountain puppy chewing a bone. Image Source: Flickr

During this stage, the puppies require a lot of positive human interaction as they develop social skills and are curious about their surroundings. When the puppies reach 9 weeks old, they are eligible to be sent to formal training classes.

Juvenile Stage (3 to 6 months old)

Juvenile Stage is the “Elementary School Age” like stage which brings various gradual but effective changes in the Estrela Mountain puppies. They’ll start chewing shoes and sandals as teeth development is completed.

Estrela Mountain puppies playing.

The little puppie will start challenging their owner for the authority of ownership. They’ll also develop the dominance personality against other dogs of the same sex.

Adolescent Stage (6 months to 1 year old)

During the adolescent stage, emotional and sexual development of the Estrela Mountain puppies will be completed and they reach their puberty. They’ll weigh almost two-thirds of their adult weight and will have the appearance of an adult dog.

An Estrela Mountain dog in adolescence. Image Source: WallpapersCraft

The Estrela Mountain puppies will be likely to challenge and dominate you for the authority. So, it is important to provide them obedience classes and training.

Lastly, raising a well-trained and mannered Estrela Mountain dog is all about the ways you approach your dog. Patience and positive reinforcements are the key methods to rely on.

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