Field Spaniel is a medium-sized that was originated in England. It was first used as a show dog and also to retrieve game from land as well as from water. They are kept as a family companion and are best suited for an active family due to their high activity level. They are suited in an apartment too but they should be taken out for physical exercise regularly.

The Field Spaniel makes an excellent family companion that gets along children and also other pets in the house well. They are loyal, devoted, and energetic dog breed that is very suitable as a family companion. It is a rare breed that is hard to find if you are thinking of owning one.

Temperament of Field Spaniel

The temperament of the Field Spaniel is sweet, fun-loving, and sensitive. Due to their energetic nature, they can be a great partner for people who love hiking, jogging, running or playing other sports.

They thrive on their people love and affection. They are very devoted to their human companion and are very loyal to them. A hunter will really appreciate their ability to flush prey out.

Field Spaniel does best in an open place where they can run and play freely. They enjoy being with their people and enjoy their company. As a hunting dog, they are very active that need regular physical and mental stimulation.

So, provide them with a good amount of exercise and mental challenges. If they do not get to do any activities, they will be depressed and anxious. They will start chewing on stuff and digging the ground.

Field Spaniel retrieving a bird
Field Spaniel retrieving a bird.
Image Source: Gun dog magazine

Personality of Field Spaniel

The personality of the Field Spaniel is affectionate, active, and curious. They are smart and very playful that is seen to be always running here and there. They form a close bond with its family and choose one person as their leader and are more devoted to him/her. Field Spaniel is smart and is quick at catching new commands and instruction.

Training Field Spaniel is not a very tough task to do as they are intelligent and eager to please their owner. They need a firm and consistent leader that can train them with patience and gentleness.

Use positive methods if training as a source of encouragement and motivation for them. Rewards with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. Never be harsh on them even if they make some mistakes.

Is Field Spaniel Child-Friendly?

The Field Spaniel is very friendly with children and gets along with them very well. They are playful towards them who enjoys kids company. They are very energetic, so it is necessary to supervise their interaction to avoid accidental knock over by your dog. Also, teach your kids to behave and be gentle with dogs and avoid pinching and pulling them.

A boy and a Field Spaniel playing
A boy and a Field Spaniel playing.
Image Source: Instagram-@yog_blog

What Makes Field Spaniel Aggressive?

Field Spaniel is not at all an aggressive dog. They are a very gentle and loving breed that gets along with everyone from people to animals.

How Does Field Spaniel Behave Around Strangers?

Field Spaniel is reserved around strangers. So, they need to be socialized with a variety of people from an early age. Expose them o different people at their young age and they will be friendly with guest and visitors at the house.

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