The Japanese Chin hails from Asia and is likely to evolve from Tibetan Spaniel. Its history can be found in the royal court of both China and Japan. It has a very distinctive expression and a gait that is happy and bouncy.

They have a silky, long and gorgeous coat with feathery ears, feet, and hind legs. They were bred as a companion dog and does best as a family pet in a loving family.

Japanese Chin has a royal personality that has elegant, dignified and clean nature. They were considered a valuable treasure and were not allowed to be owned by anyone but by royal families. Luckily today everyone can own this breed and keep it as the part of their family.

Temperament of Japanese Chin

The temperament of the Japanese Chin is elegant yet comical, somewhat shy, sensitive, and very smart. They are a sensitive breed and their environment and owners personality are reflected on them.

For example, if they are living in a quiet home, they also become quiet and reserved themselves. They mostly display their catlike behavior and can be stubborn and independent sometimes.

The Japanese Chin thrives in the love and attention of their people. They need to be provided with human company otherwise they will become shy and reserved around people. They also have a stubborn nature sometimes which can make controlling hard. So, proper training with patience is necessary.

Japanese Chin teasing its human
Japanese Chin teasing its human.
Image Source: the smart canine

Personality of Japanese Chin

The personality of the Japanese Chin is friendly, intelligent, and comical. They make an excellent family companion due to their friendly nature. They are comical too that entertain and make their people laugh with their comical act. Well, they were bred as a companion dog so there is no doubt that they make a great companion dog.

Training Japanese Chin can be challenging but with the right leadership, they can be a trained dog. They should be trained with patience, firmness, and consistency. Do not be harsh and forceful on them and always be gentle and loving with them.

Start from basic obedience training while slowing moving to advance training. Use positive methods of training as it is considered the best method of training for your dog.

Is Japanese Chin Child-Friendly?

The Japanese Chin gets along with children pretty well. Although they are a friendly dog, their small size might not be suitable for small kids. Small children might accidentally injure them by knocking them, pinching and biting them. Therefore they do very well with older kids who can handle them with love and care.

A girl playing with Japanese Chin
A girl playing with Japanese Chin.
Image Source: [email protected]

What Makes Japanese Chin Aggressive?

Japanese Chin is non aggressive dog that will try to harm any human being or animals intentionally. Although their aggression depends on the type of environment and family they are raised in as mentioned above. So, teat them gently and never be harsh on them.

How Does Japanese Chin Behave Around Strangers?

Japanese Chin is reserved and shy around strangers. So, for them to get along with strangers, they need to be socialized with a variety of people from an early age. Expose them in public park so they get familiar with the human being and are not reserved and shy around them.

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