The Frisian Water Dog is a medium-sized hunting dog that was originated in the Netherlands. It was used to hunt waterfowl, retrieve, and to point the prey. They are bit heavy than the average hunting dog size. They are strong, muscular, and powerfully built.

Frisian Water Dog was bred as a hunting dog but they are also popular as a family companion. They are a very active dog breed with a high activity level. They need an active family that can match up with their energy and takes care of their regular activities.

With enough activity to do, they are also suitable in an apartment otherwise they will need an open space to roam.

Temperament of Frisian Water Dog

The temperament of Frisian Water Dog is independent, active, and alert. They are of independent nature that likes to do things on there but they are not disobedient or stubborn. They are also reserved sometimes and likes to be quiet but are also very playful that loves to play with its people. If given a job to do, they will help you in your daily chores happily.

Frisian Water Dog needs a good amount of exercise regularly to keep themselves healthy and happy. If they do not get enough exercise, they will get anxious and destructive.

So, take them for hiking, walking, or jogging with you. They will be happy and you will get a loyal companion by your side.

Frisian Water Dogs on the beach
Frisian Water Dogs on the beach.
Image Source: Nvsw

Personality of Frisian Water Dog

The personality of the Frisian Water Dog is friendly, calm, and gentle. They get along with its people well and are alert of strangers. They do not show aggression towards people and are friendly towards them. They are great guard dogs as well as watchdogs that will look after your family and the property. If there are other pets in the house, they need to be raised together from an early age as Frisian Water Dog has a high hunting instinct.

Training Frisian Water Dog needs an experienced dog master that can train them consistency and firmness. They are a smart dog that catches on new instruction and commands quickly.

Start from basic obedience training while slowing moving to advance training. They need both physical and mental challenges so include it in the training.

Is Frisian Water Dog Child-Friendly?

Frisian Water Dog gets along with kids very well due to their loving and friendly nature. They make excellent playmates for small kids but their interaction should always be supervised.

Teach your kids to behave around dogs as they might play roughly sometimes by pulling and pinching. It suits best for older kids as they know to handle dogs well.

A girl and Frisian Water Dog
A girl and Frisian Water Dog.
Image Source: [email protected]

What Makes Frisian Water Dog Aggressive?

Frisian Water Dog is not an aggressive dog breed. Although they are a fierce hunter but not fierce in front of people. They are a gentle and friendly dog which aggression can be seen if provoked or teased.

How Does Frisian Water Dog Behave Around Stranger?

Frisian Water Dog is reserved and wary of strangers. They do not trust them easily and will bark at them if they see one approaching their property. Early socialization is necessary with a variety of people.

With proper socialization and introduction, they become warm and welcoming of the visitors.

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