Caucasian Shepherd is a large-sized shepherd dog that is also known as Caucasian Mountain Dog, Caucasian Ovcharka, Nagazi. It was originated in Georgia as a guarding dog of herds, flocks, and dwellings from predators. They are large dogs that are very loving and protective of their loved one.

The appearance is huge, strong, and muscular but is an even-tempered dog. It is not at all suited for a first-time dog owner as in wrong hand they can be a big threat. So, they only get along with an experienced dog owner that knows its purpose very well.

Temperament of the Caucasian Mountain Dog

The temperament of the Caucasian Mountain Dog is loyal, strong-willed, and fearless. As a guard dog, they are very courageous and protective of their people and properties. They are also a very independent dog that likes to do things on their own. They are a highly alert dog that is always alert about the activities going on in the surrounding.

Caucasian Mountain dog is a very energetic breed that needs a regular good amount of exercise. They like to be engaged in some work and wants to be occupied throughout the day.

If they do not get anything to do, at least to guard the property, they will get depressed, anxious and destructive. So give them a job to do to keep them engaged.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog running on snow
Caucasian Shepherd Dog running on snow.
Image Source: Dogs-lovetoknow

Personality of the Caucasian Mountain Dog

The personality of the Caucasian Mountain Dog is friendly, calm, and gentle. They are very loving and affectionate of their people that is gentle with them and enjoy spending time with them.

Although they are massive giants, they become sweet and loving teddy bear in front of their people. They are not at all aggressive towards their family and are very protective and loving towards them.

Training Caucasian Mounting Dog is not for a novice dog owner or an inexperienced leader. They are of independent nature but very smart that catches on commands easily. They need a firm and consistent leader with lots of patience.

Start from obedience and gradually move to advance training. Do not be harsh on them as it will only lead to their aggression and they can become an aggressive dog.

Is Caucasian Mountain Dog Child-Friendly?

Caucasian Mountain Dog gets along with children very well if they are raised together from a small age. They are very gentle towards them and also tolerates their harsh behavior. They have a big body which might accidentally knock on small kids and hurt them badly. So, they are best suited for older children.

If you are considering keeping Caucasian Mountain Dog wth small kids, close supervision is necessary.

A girl and Caucasian Shepherd Dog puppy
A girl and Caucasian Shepherd Dog puppy.
Image Source: Instagram-@alec1967

What Makes Caucasian Mountain Dog Aggressive?

Caucasian Mountain Dog is not aggressive to its family but ar every loving and gentle towards them. Their aggression hits if they sense threats coming towards their loved ones. The kind of environment they are raised also determines their behavior. So, surround them with loving people and teach them to be gentle and obedient.

How Does Caucasian Mountain Dog Behave Around Strangers?

Caucasian Mountain Dog is suspicious of strangers and they do not trust them easily. If they threat its family, it will become very aggressive and can even hurt them. So, early socialization with a variety of people is necessary.

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