If you are looking for a canine pal with a unique personality and a lot of affection to give then Greyhound will be the excellent option for you. Greyhounds are very quiet and polite and will never disappoint you. Know the behavior of this loyal breed and decide whether to get this pet or not.

Male Grayhound stands 71-76 cm with weight around 65-70 And female Grayhound height stands 68-71 cm with weight around 60-65. They have a short and smooth coat which are found in different colors including fawn, black, red, blue, white, brindle, parti-color (white with at least one other color), or of course, gray.

Superior Temperament Of Greyhound Dog Breed

Greyhound has a superior temperament. They are very intelligent, affectionate, loyal and lovely breed. They do well with cats and other animals also. And while they are tall dogs ,they are delicately frank and if you are gentle with them and giving them treat than it will make them love you in no time.

Usually their temperament depends on their genetics, training and socialization. They love to stretch their legs. They don’t require much grooming, nor they need a lot of exercise than other dogs.

Personality Of GreyHound That Makes Them Unique

Greyhound are tall and lean with deep chest and mascular back. The head is long and muzzled tapered. They have got ears that are folded back and dark colored eyes that give the indication of intelligence and spirit. The Greyhound’s front legs are straight. The hindquarters are muscular and powerful and the tail is carried low with a slight curve upward toward the end.

Grayhound Will Always Make You Enjoy Life
Speedy Greyhound Image Via Wag pet Boutique

In spite of his great athletic ability, they love to spend their time sleeping. And it surprises many people to know that they are very lazy too. And they dislike being alone and they seek love and attention. Grooming a Greyhound is very easy; a good bath and you are done. Greyhounds runs very fast, and when they run they can take your breath away.

Are They Child Friendly?

Greyhounds are not aggressive dogs, but unlike many breeds they are neither raised nor bred for compatibility with children . But if they are kept with children they behave well and along with that your child should also know to behave with them. Grayhound really seem to enjoy around well behave children .

It’s common for a new adult dog to growl at a young child. Growling is a normal way for dogs to warn each other off of something. What you need to do is to let this dog know that the child is above the dog in the pack structure,…..hence the dog is not allowed to growl at the child.

You should always supervise your kid around your pet. Greyhound’s won’t hurt your kids intentionally but maybe accidentally. And not only dogs you should teach your children how to approach a dog , they should not to tease them, and should shout in a loud pitch or pull their tail.

Do Greyhounds Make a Good Family Dogs?

Greyhound can be an excellent companion dog as they are quiet and well-mannered. However, they have a strong prey drive so Greyhounds may not be suitable for homes with small pets.

One important thing you must know is training a Greyhound would not be easy, they tend to be stubborn and refuse to do tasks when they do not want to do.

So, you should start training your Grayhound as soon as they get home and while training you should give them treat and praise them, love when they do well. This will make them more cooperative with you.

Origin Of Greyhound

Greyhound ,the fastest and oldest dog of all time.This is the only breed to mention in the bible by their name to talk about the holy dogs. They are well- tempered and very friendly by nature. They are another part of ancient egyptian life.

Grayhound Are Good Racers
Grayhound’s Running Image Via The Telegraph

Greyhound were used by Romans for chasing small animals like hare and rabbits . They made their way to America in 1500 BC by the way of Spain and became popular.

What Makes Greyhound So Good In Chasing Pray?

The Greyhound are so good in chasing pray. Their keen sense of sight that can spot tiny animals across long distances and they can even see behind their head. They are perfectly constructed for high speed pursuit. Also Grayhound has been an object for fascination for artists and poets .

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