Griffon Nivernais is a dog of French origin mostly known as a family dog but is a great family companion and child-friendly dog. They are very loyal to their masters and are devoted to their families. They are the breed of dogs that tend to be dominant need socialization from their early stage of life.

This breed of dogs has many personalities and behavioral traits as they are growing and are grown up. They can be great dogs for your household. Some of the behaviors of Griffon Nivernais are mentioned in the article below. Keep reading to find out everything about their behavior.


Griffon Nivernais known as the hunting dog is very courageous and outgoing. They are very friendly dogs and are great companions. They are not so suspicious of the people/strangers around them and greet them in a friendly way.

Griffon Nivernais with human friend
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They are the breed known for their smelling ability and can be suspicious of everything around them when they are left alone for a very long time and may start continuous barkings. They need someone to be by their side to avoid such behaviors.

They require continuous and firm training from their childhood so that they can be on their best behavior. They may also want to escape when they are left alone for a long period of time in search of great freedom. They are very needy dogs and require attention almost every time of the day and can be destructive when neglected.



Griffon Nivernais are very affectionate dogs and are very loving towards their family members. Due to their affectionate and loving nature, they are easy to adapt to any environment they get to be in.


Griffon Nivernais being a hunting dog with great social skills are very playful. They love adventures are always ready to explore new things.


They tend to be calm and patient whenever they are told to.


They are very intelligent dogs and are great at observing their surroundings and behaving according to that.


Griffon Nivernais are great hunters as they were bred solely for the purpose of hunting in the early days. they have a great smelling ability.

Behavior Towards Children

Griffon Nivernais is a very friendly dog this applies to people from children to adults. They go well with children and are very affectionate towards them. They would do their best to be in their behavior in the house with the children as they catch things really fast due to their intelligence.

How Agressive Are Griffon Ninernais?

Griffon Nivernais are not aggressive dogs. They show no signs of aggression and are super friendly dogs. They are one of the friendliest dog breeds.

Behavior Towards Strangers

Griffon Nivernais due to their loving nature is human friendly and are affectionate towards everyone including strangers. They show no signs of aggression towards strangers and are good companions to be around.

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