Clicker training is a part of positive reinforcement training. It is a training method that helps you to communicate with your dog and the command you give and the command your dog follows is very precise. Clicker training is a more advanced training method and has a very positive response.

The clicker training helps your dog to know the time when they do a good job on their training and the time they will be rewarded. A clicker is a small plastic device that produces a click sound when the button is pressed.

How To Introduce Your Dog To the Clicker?

Your dog should be taught the meaning of a clicker. This can involve the charging of the clicker continuously for a few days. They should be used to hearing the clicker sound. During the introduction, you have to keep your hands full of treats in small bits and pieces.

You should reward your dog whenever the clicker is marked or used. The action should be repeated many times. The time duration should vary every time you reward your dog or else they become expectant of that particular time they are rewarded. If your dog is impatient and starts sniffing the treats and only focuses on treats you should wait for them to settle down.

Observing the dog’s behaviour

Some dogs may be sensitive to the clicker sound and may jump away from the sound. When this happens, it means that your dog is disturbed by the loudness of the clicker. The loudness can be prevented if you wrap some clothes around the clicker. You need to have a muffled clicker sound.

How to use a clicker while training your dog?


Timing is very important while you train your dog using a clicker. You should be precise at the time, you should click the clicker whenever your dog completes the task you want them to do.

For example, if you want to train your dog to sit, you should watch your dog’s behaviour very closely and reward them as soon as they set their butt on the ground. The instant reward and the perfect timing is a key to achieving successful clicker training.


The rewards for your dog must be the treats or food that they like very much. This can make them focused during their training. Also, you may want to have treats that are very soft to chew and nibble and are very easy to swallow by your dog.


Shaping is one of the important parts of clicker training. The method of teaching behavior is shaping. You should make your dog learn from you. When you train together with your dog the dog learns from you and tries to follow your behavior.

Tips For Successful Clicker Training

  • Immediately reward your dog after they perform the task you want them to perform.
  • The clicker training should not be too long. It should be kept simple and short.
  • You should be consistent while training your dog.
  • You need to be very precise about the timing you reward your dog.
  • Properly understand the body language of your dog.

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