The Pariah Dog, which is also known as ‘desi kutta’ in its native land India is a medium-sized pariah-type dog breed. It is one of the oldest dog breeds and also one of the first breeds to be domesticated by humans in India. It is a very adaptable dog that suits both in an apartment and a house with an open space.

The body of the Indian Pariah Dog is lean yet strong that adapts the extreme weather of the Indian subcontinent. They are an independent, smart, and very sociable dog that makes an excellent family companion for all age people from a kid to an old person.

In a good environment and a loving family, they thrive and make an excellent pet.

Temperament of the Indian Pariah Dog

The temperament of the Indian Pariah is playful, active, and very sociable. They enjoy spending time with their human being. They are mostly found in the streets, so it can be said that they get to have a lot of human and other dogs interaction.

So, they are very sociable and loving dogs that have spent most of their life with different variety of people and dogs. They have known the human race closely, due to which they make an excellent family pet.

They are an intelligent breed Indian Pariah catches on new commands and instruction easily and since they are eager to please their owner, they are not very hard to train. Start with basic obedience training and as they master the basic, enroll them in advance training.

Indian Pariah dog agility training
Indian Pariah dog agility training.
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Use positive reinforcement by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises. Never be harsh or forceful on them, as it will only make them an aggressive adult as they grow up.

Personality of the Indian Pariah Dog

The personality of the Indian Pariah dog is friendly, loving, and gentle. They are very wary of strangers and will bark if they see them approaching their territory. They are very protective of their people, so they make a great guard dog that will not let anyone cross their territory without letting their owner know with their bark.

Indian Pariah dog needs an adequate amount of interaction with human beings and dogs. However, if they are kept isolated from the human race, they tend to become very depressed, anxious, and destructive. They will start barking and chewing stuff when they are left alone for a long period of time.

So, take them out in the park to play and interact with other dogs and human beings.

Is Indian Pariah Dog Child-Friendly?

Indian Pariah gets along with children very well if they are raised together from an small age. They love playing with kids and spending time with them.

Kids might play rough sometimes by pinching and pulling the dog, so it is necessary to teach your kids to behave around dogs and handle them gently.

A girl and a lady playing with a Indian Pariah Dog
A girl and a lady playing with a Indian Pariah Dog.
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What Makes Indian Pariah Dog Aggressive?

Indian Pariah dog is not an aggressive dog breed in general but is a very friendly and extroverted dog. They will bark at the sight of strangers in their territory but are not likely to bite. Although if they sense any threat to their family, they will not back down and might even bite the person and animal.

How Does Indian Pariah Dog Behave Around Strangers?

Indian Pariah dog is wary of strangers that will sound an alarm when someone crosses their territory. If there is some visitors or guest in the house, it is necessary to introduce them with your dog. After a proper introduction, they will greet the person warmly and are friendly towards them.

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