Kai Ken, the Japanese pure dog breed has the personality of a warrior with a dark color, wedge head, prick ears and sturdy look. In Japan itself, the Kai Ken is considered as one of the rarest dog breeds. Their tiger-like stripes and fearless personality has given the Kai Ken the nickname, ‘Tora Inu’ which means ‘Tiger Dog’.

Kai Ken is not only a great hunting dog, but can also be a wonderful addition in the family. If you are thinking of adding one, then is certain things you need to consider before adding a Kai Ken in your family.

Are Kai Ken Child Friendly?

Yes! Kai Ken are very friendly with children of all ages and love playing new games and learning tricks which you kids can surely do. They are tolerant and are also not aggressive with any children.

Kai Ken will not bark to other kids as long as they don’t feel their playmates are being threatened. Kai Ken tends to shares a very calm and strong bond between his little friends.

As with any breed, do not leave your child alone. They might unintentionally hurt them while playing. No matter how friendly the pets are, they should always be taught on how to treat the child.

Loyal And Lovely Personality

Kai Ken aka Tora Inu are very loyal to its masters. Being an agile working dogs, with fearless personality can be a plus point for the owners since they will protect their loved ones no matter what.

The Tiger Dog, are always eager to please their owner. They love being in pack and spending most of the time with its family. Tora Inu will cherish every moment spent with its family and will do anything to grab your attention.

Kai Ken Love Its Owners.
Greetings From Kai Ken. Image Source- Instagram @kaikenbelgium

Kai Ken are very devoted to its family and has a lovely personality. However, they tend to be more attached with only one member of the family, whom he thinks is the leader of the pack. They are extremely good watch dogs as well as guard dogs.

Temperament of Kai Ken

Kai ken should be socialized with many people and pets to avoid behaviors such as aggression and barking. Always remember that Kai Kens are primitive dogs, if not socialized well they may show their hunting sides which is not good for anybody whether its’s your neighbor or the member of your family itself.

Kai Ken Watching An Intruder Coming.
Making Sure Who’s Entering The House. Photo Credit- Instagram @taroyu830

The Japanese breed Kai Ken will easily develop separation anxiety if they are left alone or not given enough time to them. They will become aggressive and destructive. Tora Inu should not be left alone for a long time, as we have already discussed they love being with their family.

Kai Kens are not good dogs every time and can become stubborn and have strong-will of their own which can be easily handled with treats and reinforcements. They are alert dogs and will choose places which have more invisibility like, balcony, hilltop or even a porch to make sure no intruder is heading towards its house.

Living With Kai Ken

Kai Kens are wonderful companions who will entertain its family by doing its own things when needed. The Tiger dog, can even sense whether its master is happy or in sorrow and will behave accordingly. Living with a Tora Inu is always fun as well as safe.

Kai Ken have high energy and if you cannot afford enough time for your tiger dogs, then it may not be the right breed for you. They will need enough training session and play times. As we all know at the end of the day, a tired dog is always a happy dog.

Kai Ken Peeping.
Peeping Through The Sofa To Look My Mom. Image Source- Instagram @aki.theshiba

The Tiger dogs, are great tree climbers which you probably didn’t knew about it. Hailing from a hunting breed, they used to climb trees with an ease to catch their preys. Not only they are fantastic climbers, they are also great swimmers who can swim for hours and hours. So, if you love swimming then you will love your Kai Ken even more.

To wrap up, the wonderful dogs are one of the rarest breed in the world. If you’re owning one Kai Ken, then always remember that the temperament and the personality depends upon how you raise them.

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