Kai Ken is a well-behaved breed so it becomes relatively easy to train these dogs. But there are certain methods and techniques to make their training easy.

Kai Ken dogs are good in obedience courses because their intelligence makes them great candidates in agility training as well as a house companion.

When To Start The Training?

The official training of Kai Ken starts when they become 8 to10 weeks of age. You can teach them basic commands in homes such as “sit”, “wait”, and “come”.

It is essential that you build a strong bond with Kai Ken because it is important for both the owner and the pet to get to know each other needs as well as behavior.

Where To Start The Training?

Kai Ken should be sent to puppy kindergarten classes to get advanced training since they are highly intelligent and quick learners, they will thrive on agility training. Kai Ken should be socialized to many new things and this will help them to socialize not only with people but with other animals too.

Kai Ken in training.

How To Define Tasks For Your Pet?

While defining the task for Kai Ken dogs, it is not so hard but there are certain things you will need to consider such as.

  • You should help them understand the cues by showing the demo of what you want them to do. For instance, when you ask them to sit, hold a treat in your hand and move it towards their head and make them sit. While they do offer them some treats so that they get motivated.
  • Use short commands once at a time.

The Training Process of Kai Ken

There are many training processes used for training the Kai Ken dog, some of the training processes are as follows:

Alpha Dog or Dominance

This process suggests that you should teach your pet to respect the owner. They should be aware of who is the leader of the pack. The Alpha dog training method helps the dog understand who should it respect.

In the other hand, dominance training makes your dog believe that they should be submissive towards their masters. Kai Ken may try to dominate you but this training will help them understand.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is known as the key method to train any dog. This helps to make training easy for stubborn dogs as well as does well with the Kai Ken breed. Positive Reinforcement training method helps to keep your dog motivated and interested in a training session. It also helps in building communication.

training of Kai Ken dog
Kai Ken Dog Loved By The Owner. Image Source- Instagram @shinnnenekoharu

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a digital kind of training similar to positive reinforcement training. When the Kai Ken performs a given task, you can press the device which produces the click sound which the dog may take it as a treat.

Strategies And Techniques For Easy Training

Go Slowly

Once your Kai Ken dog understands that training is a good thing, take small steps and change only one variable at a time. You should start another command only after the dog understands the previous one.

Control The Environment

Take necessary steps to help your Kai Ken dog stay focused during the training session and choose a sound area like a kitchen or living room. Put away all their toys that it use to chew or play with. If you are training outside the home, add an extra layer of safety by keeping your dog on a leash and a fenced area.

Be Consistent

If you can’t afford consistent time while training your Kai Ken dog then they will not be trained as you expected. Consistency should be there while training a dog.

Always follow the training techniques if you have Kai Ken dogs breed in your home because only training can make the dog a good family companion.

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