You must be very excited about the new member of the family. Everyone in the house must be curious about the development of behavior and growth of the English Setter puppies.

English Setter puppies go through a lot of changes from newborn to until one year of age. Here is all the information about the behavior growth your English Setter puppies go through.

Newborn Stage

The English Setter puppies at the newborn stage cannot open their eyes and are deaf too. Their mother licks the puppy to clean after birth, this is the first feeling the English Setter puppies can feel. The newborn puppies aren’t able to regulate the body temperature on their own. They either hide under their mother’s fur or pile up with their litter siblings.

Newborn English Setter Puppies. Image Source- iStock.

English Setter puppies spend most of the time sleeping and drinking milk. After the first week of birth, the puppy grows fast and will double its birth weight.

Neonatal stage: Birth To 2 weeks

  • The English Setter puppies are able to sense of touch and smell.
  • They will need milk every two hours to double the weight.
  • The English Setter puppies will spend their 90 percent of the time sleeping.

Transitional Stage: 2 To 4 Weeks

The second stage of the English Setter puppies brings a lot of changes in the puppies. The capacity of hearing and smell develop. The eyes of the puppies will start opening and will start analyzing the surrounding.

3 Weeks Old English Setter Puppies. Image Source- Kendall Hills Kennel.

English Setter puppy begins to whine, bark and walk a little. They will now be able to see their mother as well as their littermates.

In the third week, the English Setter puppies will start becoming independent and will begin to play with the litter-mates. In the fourth week, they are strong enough to walk, jump and move around the surrounding.

Socialization Stage: 4 To 12 Weeks

In this stage of development, the English Setter puppies are ready enough to meet new people and animals. They should be socialized by this period and will start enjoying playtime as well as interacting with humans.

The socialization stage is also known as the “fear stage” because the English Setter puppies are aware enough about the surrounding. They might get scared of the new things, this is the golden stage to make the bond strong with your pup by giving them enough affection and motivating them.

11 weeks old English setter puppies.

English Setter puppy is strong enough by the 7 to 9 weeks. A puppy will start developing its physical ability and can begin to be housetrained. This is the best time to begin elementary training.

Juvenile Stage: 3 To 6 Months

Dominance and submission within the household including people are seen by English Setter puppy in this stage. A puppy will be influenced by their playmates both dogs and humans. They learn what they see.

5 Months Old English Setter Puppy. Image Source- Mypetzilla.

Teething and chewing begin at this stage. The English Setter puppy may try to taste the food their mother is eating. Teething starts and they may need 3 times a meal per day which is a large meal. The English Setter puppies will start understanding the basic commands like “sit”, “down”, “leave” and “go”.

Adolescence Stage: 6 Months To 1-Year-Old

By the end of the seventh month, your English Setter puppy will have got its full teeth and will start looking like an adult English Setter Dog. By this stage, your dog will need exercises on a daily basis and will start demanding outdoor playtime.

English Setter: I’m No More A Pup. Image Source- Instagram @mother_of_setters.

Also, the puppy will experience the beginnings of sexual behavior if not spayed or neutered. You can also expect your pup challenging you in every activity and may tend to dominate you.

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