The dog breeders are advised by the Kennel Club to not breed Dachshunds with exaggerated features as they should have suitable ground clearance so that they don’t suffer from back pain.

The dogs should be moderately long in proportion to height and they should have suitable and enough ground clearance not less than one-quarter of their height.

According to the statement given by the Kennel Club, “Dachshunds have been impacted by a huge increase in popularity over recent years, largely due to them being the breed of choice for advertisers, on social media and with celebrities.

This has meant that certain exaggerated examples of the breed that may be perceived to look cute, can gradually become seen as normal and desirable, when in fact it could mean that they are more predisposed to back pain and disc disease.

These small but important changes have been made to the dachshunds breed standard with the aim to ensure they cannot be misinterpreted and that any dogs within Kennel Club’s sphere of influence are being bred with their health and welfare as the absolute priority.”

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