King Charles Spaniel which is also known as the English Toy Spaniel is a tiny dog breed of a spaniel type. There is still discussion about the origin of this breed but many say it’s China.

They were made famous by their association with King Charles II of Great Britain and Ireland and had been nicknamed after the king. They are often mistaken for their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cousins.

Although most Spaniels were bred to be hunting dogs, King Charles Spaniel has always been a lapdog. They are a quiet, cheerful, loving, and friendly dog who makes an extremely great companion. If you want a dog who is small, pretty, loves cuddling, don’t need much exercise, and are peaceful, King Charles is for you.

Easy-going Temperament

King Charles Spaniel is one of the most easygoing of all toy breeds. They are friendly, cheerful, playful and love to sit on your lap all day. They are friendly and lazy breed to the extent that they do not make a suitable watchdog or a guard dog.

This toy dog bark to warn their owner of the approach of a stranger though. They are not a high energy breed and always prefer to be on your lap.

English Toy Spaniel is a quiet breed and wants to be alone sometimes but it doesn’t prefer to be left alone for a long period of time. Known as the quiet breed, they are very much suitable for an apartment dwellers as they are not energetic and do not need an open place to play and exercise.

This dog breed can tolerate animals well. They are friendly and not aggressive so can get along well with animals but due to its hunting instincts, it may not always be so friendly towards small animals.

The English Toy Spaniel makes a great apartment dog as they are lazy by nature and only need a little exercise to stay healthy. A daily walk around few blocks is enough for this breed.

Sweet Personality

The King Charles Spaniel is a sweet, loving and a great companion dog. They are a very devoted dog breed who enjoys spending time with the people they love and try to fit into their lives.

They are shy around strangers but are very much lively and energetic with their people. If they are socialized properly with strangers and other pets, they do well with them.

English Toy Spaniel is not a type of dog that bark or bites more often. They rarely bark and tends to be avoiding fights then to fight back. They are lap dogs and prefer to sleep with their owner.

English Toy Spaniel has long, wavy and silky coat that needs to be brushed daily to avoid tangles. A bath every 2-4 weeks is necessary to prevent bad smell. Nails should be trim once a month.

King Charles Spaniel Showing Its Silky Hair

They stands 9-11 inches tall and weigh 8-14 pounds. Their life span is about 10-12 years if they do not suffer from any kind of health problem.

Are This Dog Breed Child Friendly?

English Toy Spaniel get along with children very well creating a good bond between them. They are not aggressive and can tolerate children but they do not accept rough handling.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

English Toy Spaniel is not an aggressive dog by nature. They are calm, quiet and love to be around people. Rough handling, pulling hair and tails can make them some bit angry but they are not aggressive and are a very tolerant dog.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

English Toy Spaniel is shy around strangers. Though they are not barking dogs, they sometimes warn their owners when they see a stranger approaching.

If they are socialized early and properly, they can get well with strangers. Therefore, proper socialization is needed to overcome their shyness.

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