The Kintamani Dog is an Indonesian dog breed which is the only breed of Indonesia to get the official recognition as a breed. (as of April 2019)

The Kintamani Bali Dog is a great climber with a medium-sized body and is popular as a family pet in the natives of Bali. Being extremely famous in its homeland, it is a very rare breed elsewhere.

Temperament of the Kintamani Dog

The Kintamani dog has an affectionate, friendly and lively temperament. Being a territorial breed, they don’t appreciate the entrance of other dogs into their area. Despite, they display a caring nature towards the family they get along with.

It has the habit of chasing after other small dogs and animals. As the Kintamani dog associates with a particular owner, it displays an intense sense of loyalty towards them.
A Kintamani dog playing with rope.

Personality Traits of the Kintamani Dog

Talking about the physical characteristics, the Kintamani dog is a light-footed dog that can move around with ease. These dogs serve as great guard dogs because of their alert and curious nature as well as their ability to let out a bark if they see or hear anything strange. Also, they are great swimmers having a great love for the water.

The Kintamani dog has an intelligent, curious and alert personality. With a bold and strong-headed streak, these dogs can be challenging to train. And as they are independent, they like to take charge of things on their own.

Are these dogs child-friendly?

Yes, these dogs are child-friendly and get along with children quickly becoming a perfect playmate for them. Also, they are likely loving and caring nature for kids if they live in a close relationship from a very young age.

They would even mingle with kids in the family being their perfect playmate when brought up with them. For this, early socialization and training with positive reinforcements are very necessary.

A Kintamani dog hugging with a kid.
Image Soucrce: Instagram@graciaaugusta05

How does it feel to live with the Kintamani dog?

Living with the Kintamani dog will ensure you a great watchdog that will alert you of the threat if it sees or hears something strange entering its home. In fact, their bonding with their particular owner will make them very loyal and protective of their owner.

Two Kintamani dogs with their owner.
Image Source: Instagram@buwah138

The Kintamani dogs will become great playmates for your children as they’ll get along very quickly with each other. And as for grooming, you will only to need to brush your dog once in a week and bath them when necessary to ensure proper hygiene. This should not be a problem as an owner.

What makes this breed aggressive?

The Kintamani dog is usually a lively and friendly dog that is loyal to its owner and family. But as it is a territorial breed, this dog becomes very aggressive to protect its territory. Furthermore, these dogs are also violent against other dogs and small animals.

How it behaves with strangers?

As the Kintamani is alert and protective, it cannot stand the site of any stranger in its home. If the dog sees one, then its natural instinct allows it to bark and alert its family of the threat. With the proper introduction and regular visit, the dog will slowly adapt itself with the stranger. So, the behavior of the Kintamani dog is usually aggressive and aloof with strangers.

A Kintamani dog being rubbed by a person.
Image Credit: Instagram@thehappiestwolf

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