The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian dog which is a gundog and water retriever breed. It is a loving, keen and companionable dog breed.

If you are an owner of Lagotto Romagnolo, here is everything you need to know about training this breed at home and outside.

When to start the training?

The training of the Lagotto Romagnolo is not suitable until it reaches one year old. Till then you can start giving simple commands to your puppy such as “come” and “go” at home.

A Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. Image Source: Instagram@lagotto_holly

Where to start the training?

To start the training, there cannot be any best place than your house. Your Lagotto Romagnolo puppy will observe things from you and will replicate as it can. So, take training a bit further by teaching additional basic commands.

When your Lagotto puppy reaches the appropriate age for formal training, you can take them to public and dog parks. You can also enroll them with obedience classes and manner learning sessions.

How to define task for your pet?

Defining a task to your Lagotto Romagnolo is very difficult. As it will be training for the first time, it will act slightly stubborn and lazy. Intelligence and trainability are not much of influencing factors while beginning.

Firstly, you should demonstrate your Romagnolo dog about the command you want them to do. Secondly, you must use hand gestures to elaborate your command so that they can do them properly.

The Training Process

Here are some training processes that are effective in training the Lagotto Romagnol Puppies.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a method of adding a reward on a certain response of the Lagotto Romagnolo dog. If your dog obeys your command your properly, you should reward them with a treat. Then, it is likely that your dog will respond in the same way for the greed of treat and reward.

Training a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy.

Alpha Dog Training

This method refers to teaching your dog that you are the leader of the pack, not them. It will help you maintain control over your dog.


Socialization is something that every dog goes through. It helps in creating mutual relationship with other dogs, pets and people.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training

Training methods are best implemented when you apply them with effective strategies. Here are some techniques and strategies for easy training of your Lagotto Romagnolo.

Be Gentle

You should consider your dog as your brother, as your friend. Treat them with love and be very gentle towards them. They thrive on love and care and will train properly if treated gently.

Make Training A Habit

You should make training a part of your Lagotto Romagnolo daily schedule. Doing so will prevent them from forgiving tasks. Also, it will make them comfortable with the training.

Lagotto Romagnolo having fun.

Go Slow

Be sure to go very slow while teaching commands to your Lagotto Romagnolo Dog. Despite being intelligent, everybody finds it hard to catch up on more things at a time. That’s why you should teach one command at a time and make your dog be perfect on it.

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