The Lakeland Terrier is a bold and independent dog breed originating from the Lake District of England. This small-to-medium sized dog interacts with its owner very well and is hypo-allergenic.

Own a Lakeland Terrier and wondering about training it? If so, here is everything you need to know about training a Lakeland Terrier.

When to start training your Lakeland Terrier?

Confused about when to start training your Lakeland Terrier puppy? The answer is formal training is delayed until the puppy reaches 9 months old. Till then, you can start building a habit of training for your puppy. You can teach commands such as “sit” and “go” to your puppy.

A Lakeland Terrier puppy. Image Source: Instagram@finnthelakey

Where to start the training?

The first place that your Lakeland Terrier will start learning is your house. To clarify, the puppy starts learning things by observing from the people around. So, there is no better first school for your dog than your home itself. A backyard is also a wonderful place for training your Lakeland.

When your Lakeland Terrier reaches the correct age for formal training, you can take them to public parks and dog parks in your locality. There they will learn to socialize with other pets and people.

How to define task for you pet?

Defining a task for your Lakeland Terrier is probably a head scratching challenge for you. Though it is an intelligent and trainable breed, it is very likely to be stubborn and lazy while training for the first time.

For this, you’ll have to be very calm and consistent. You should demonstrate your dog the command at the first place. And use hand gestures to clarify them in the second place.

The Training Process

Here are some training processes that helps you in training your Lakeland Terrier.

Positive Reinforcement

It is one of the best and effective methods to train your Lakeland Terrier. It normally refers to adding something to increase a certain response. For example, providing treats and rewards will increase the chances that your Terrier will obey your commands.

A Lakeland Terrier with its owner. Image Source: betty_lakeland


Socialization is an important part of every living being. It helps to interact and form a mutual relationship with our surrounding people and environment. You should expose your Lakeland Terrier to the outer world so that it can adjust itself with the outside environment.

Alpha Dog Training

Alpha dog training generally refers to the method in which the owner/trainer teaches the dog that he/she is real leader of the pack, not the dog.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training

The following strategies and techniques will help in implementing the above-mentioned training processes:

Make Training Sessions Short

The Lakeland Terrier is an active breed. However, it will get easily bored and act stubborn with repetitive and long training sessions. It will enjoy the training if sessions are made short and easy.

Go Slow

Go very slow while training your Lakeland Terrier. It doesn’t matter if your dog takes 5 days to learn a command. You should teach one command at a time in which your dog should thrive excellently.

Training a Lakeland Terrier.

Be Gentle

You should treat your Lakeland Terrier as your friend and know what motivates them. Deal very gently without any harse tone. Love your dog and see them do task perfectly.

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