The Kerry Blue Terrier was developed in the Southwestern Ireland in the late 1700 or early 1800s. It is also known as Irish Blue Terrier, the Kerry or simply the Blue. They were originally bred for hunting rats, mice, herding livestock and protect people and their property.

Kerry Blue Terrier is a muscular, medium-sized dog with a head that is long. They have a long beard, eyebrows that give them distinct looks.

Kerry Blue Terrier is an energetic dog who loves to play. It is smart, alert, and protective of its family making them a great watchdog. It is quite suspicious of strangers and bark to warn their owners of someone’s approach. They do great with children of any age.

Kerry Blue Terrier is not an aggressive dog unless treated harshly or provoked. They need both physical and mental exercise, so they should be involved in different activities regularly.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is a highly intelligent dog breed that can be hard to train. They learn things on their own and are observant of other’s behavior. They need to be trained with gentleness and patience. All the basic tasks should be taught at an early age and advanced training should be done once basic training is completed.

When to Start Training Kerry Blue Terrier?

The Kerry Blue Terrier’s training should be started as soon as it is brought home. When they are a puppy, they want to please their owner very much and hovers around them all the time. Basic training should be started as soon as they reach the age of 6-8 weeks. They are able to soak things up at this age and training can be easy.

At the age of 13-18 months, they are grown up enough to learn advanced training. Basic obedience training should be taught at an early age so that they do not become a stubborn adult.

Where to Train your Kerry Blue Terrier?

Kerry Blue Terrier learns best in an open area like the field, dog park, and yard. They tend to learn quickly in an open area where they can observe the surrounding.

Training them in a closed and isolated place is not really a good idea as they need to be free-running here and there, and playing. However, keep them on a leash as they might see some small animals and following there hunting instinct by chasing them.

Training 6 months Kerry Blue Terrier.

How to Define Task for your Kerry Blue Terrier?

Defining a task means to give a proper job for your dog. As dogs cannot speak, you have to make them understand by naming the task with certain words. Like to make them sit, use the word sit or down. Likewise, use words like stop, come, and eat for different jobs.

Do not repeat the same words for a different task as it might be confusing for them. Use lots of hand gestures to make it understand better. Like, point your finger up to gesture it to stand up by using the word ‘up’ at the same time. Make your Kerry Blue Terrier understand your body language and likewise, you need to understand your dog body language too.

The Training Process

Kerry Blue Terrier is an intelligent and smart dog breed who learns things quickly. They need an experienced owner who knows ways with dogs. Kerry Blue Terrier is not for a novice dog owner. However, they are an independent dog and training them can be quiet hard unless you follow the following process and methods:

Leadership: Before starting training your Kerry Blue Terrier, firm leadership should be developed. A leader with consistency, confidence, and patience can teach his dog in a proper way and the dog will also reciprocate to it’s master’s training. Therefore, a leader who is gentle, kind and confident can train Kery Blue Terrier well.

Kerry Blue Terrier needs a firm leader
Kerry Blue Terrier with its owner.
Image Source: Instagram-@mampsaicoteraz

Positive reinforcement: Positive methods is best for training your Kerry Blue Terrier as it will encourage them. After the completion of the task, reward it with a delicious treat while praising them vocally. Gently give it an encouraging pat on the back. They will be motivated to do a task and will be eager to please you.

Agility: Agility training is a must for Kerry Blue Terrier as they are an active and energetic dog. They need to keep their both body and mind fit and healthy. Agility training keeps them mentally stimulated.

Kerry Blue Terrier needs a gentle owner who treats them gently and not harshly. Harsh treatment can make them aggressive, scared and defensive which can lead to biting. Respect your dog and understand its behavior so that they are trustful of its owner and respect and obey them.

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