Large Munsterlander was originated in Germany as a gun dog that can hunt, retrieve, and point. They are a very active dog that needs an open space to do their daily activities.

Apartment life is not much suitable for them as they do not get a big space to roam around. Only an active and experienced dog owner is suitable for them.

Large Munsterlander is a versatile hunting dog with a strong and muscular body. If you are looking for boh hunting dog and companion dog, you might want to consider this breed after knowing its temperament.

Temperament of Large Munsterlander

The temperament of the Large Munsterlander loyal, docile, and gentle. They are very much valued as a hunting dog but also equally as a family pet. They are a very loyal and devoted dog that forms a strong attachment with its people, especially with its master.

As a hunting dog, they are very active and also intelligent that needs both physical and mental stimulation.

Large Munsterlander thrives on its human company and also when there is a job to do. If they do not get to do anything, they become anxious and destructive. They also should not be left alone for a long time without human company.

They become depressed and starts to whine, bark, and chewing on stuff. So, do not leave them alone for a long time and always keep them engaged with some activities.

Large Munsterlander Retrieving the prey
Large Munsterlander Retrieving the prey.
Image Source: reterieverman

Personality of the Large Munsterlander

The personality of the Large Munsterlander is outgoing, loving, and energetic. They love playing and going out in the park and interact with other human being and pets. They are also an alert breed that will bark and warn their owner if they see any strangers approaching them. Therefore, they make a great watchdog.

Large Munsterlander is an independent natured dog so a firm and consistent leadership are necessary while training them. Be patience with them and do not repeat the same stuff regularly. They need both physical and mental challenges.

Reward them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises as they complete a task. Do not force them or be harsh on them.

Is Large Munsterlander Child-Friendly?

Yes, Large Munsterlander gets along with kids well and are very playful with them. They love children company and enjoy playing and sitting with them.

Small kids might be rough sometime and start pulling and pinching them. So the supervision of an elder is always necessary whenever they are interacting with each other. Always teach your kids to be gentle with dogs and be loving towards them.

A baby girl posing with a Large Munsterlander
A baby girl posing with a Large Munsterlander.
Image Source: [email protected]

What Makes Large Munsterlander Aggressive?

Large Munsterlander is not an aggressive dog breed in general. They are in fact a gentle and loving dog. Although they can be aggressive while hunting but not with a human being. They are not an aggressive dog by birth but a harsh environment can make them aggressive.

How Does Large Munsterlander Behave Around Stranger?

Large Munsterlander is suspicious of strangers and will bark at them if they see one approaching. Although they will not show any aggression towards them or bite them. After a proper introduction to the visitors and guest at the house, they become warm towards them.

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