The Leonberger puppies holds a loving and commited personality. They thrive of being involve in family events.

The Leonberger is very active breeds which loves swimming and tracking. This breeds are even used as therapy dogs. They feel pleasure to obey their owners and follows their instructions very well. They are good at fetching balls and Frisbee.

Newborn Stage

The newborn Leonberger breeds are born deaf, blind and toothless. They are born small and so cute that they can hold anyone’s attention. The newborn spend most of their time sleeping.

The newborn Leonberger is very week, they are not able to regulate their body temperature and totally depends on their mother and other siblings to warm them up.

Neonatal Stage ( Birth- 2 weeks)

Neonatal is the second stage of Leonberger. At this stage, they are able to sense of smell and touch which helps them find their mother’s breast. The first milk that the dog’s mother produces, called colostrum is rich in antibodies and help the puppies prevent from diseases.

Transitional Stage (week 2 -4)

The Transitional stage begins from the two week of their life. At this stage the puppies starts having many changes both physically and mentally. They are able to stand and walk around and they understands what their mother and other dogs look and sound like.

Socialization Stage ( Week 4-12)

Leonbergers Puppies Playing In Field
Leonberger Puppies Playing.
Image Via Dog Wallpapers

The Leonberger puppies enter the socialization stage at the end of the third week of their life and lasts until their tenth weeks. This stage is the right time to interact them with other people and animals. The most criticak stage is their 6-8 weeks of life when Leonberger can easily accept other people as their part of their family.

Juvenile Stage (3 – 6months)

The Juvenile stage of Leonberger starts soon after their fourteen weeks of life. At thsi stage they start exploring behaviors. This is the stage where they enjoys their playtime and start bonding relationship with their family members.

At this stage, the Leonberger puppies experinces many new things so you need to ready with positive reinforcemen and socilize to objects and situations.

Adolescent Stage(6months-1Year)

This is the last stage and it begins when the Leonberger reaches puberty which occurs between six months to one year. By this time they are more puppies, their brain’s are fully developed and increases learning capacity.

Adult Leonberger Are Very Active Ones
An Adult Leonberger Breed Image Via Omlet

You can see changes in Leonberger’s shape and size, this stage usually marks the end of their growth. The adult Leonberger requires frequent exercise to keep them engaged in high spirits.

Here are the different stages of Leonberger breeds. So if you are owning a Leonberger puppy, then buy it from a reputed breeder they will help you know more about Leonberger.

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