The Longhaired Whippet is a medium-sized dog breed with a long coat that is soft to touch and looks beautiful in it. This breed does well in an apartment as well as in a house with a big yard to run around. Although they need regular exercise for their healthy mind and body if you are keeping them in an apartment.

This breed has a happy, loving, funny temperament and does well in a family with different age groups. With a proper training and guidance, this dog can be a well-mannered and loving companion.

When to Start Training?

The training for the Longhaired Whippet should be started at the age of 6-8 weeks old. This is the best age for training your dog as they are very eager to please and quick and catching commands. So, start from basics like giving him a name, teaching him basic command like sit, stop, and come.

Advance training should be started at the age of 6-8 months old. By this time your Longhaired Whippet would complete learning the basics and are ready for the advance.

Where to Start Training?

Training of the Longhaired Whippet at the beginning can be done at home itself. Training at home with less drastraction can be more effective then taking them out with lots of things around which take your dog’s focus away.

For potty training, socialization, and agility, take them out in an open space. Expose them slowly to the world when you are taking them out for a first time. A park or an open place with less distraction will help your dog learn fast.

Longhaired Whippets ready for a walk
Longhaired Whippets ready for a walk.
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How to Define Task for Longhaired Whippet?

To define task for your Longhaired Whippet, you need to form a certain word for a certain task which helps your dog to understand easily. For example, you can use the word ‘sit’ to make your dog sit. Do not use too many words for one task. It will only confuse your dog and it might never learn what you are trying to teach him.

You can also use body language and hand gesture, to make it understand it more clearly. Your dog will follow your words and gestures and lead the command in a more clear way.

Training Process

Training the Longhaired Whippet is not a difficult task to do if you are a good leader. They are smart and are quick at learning new stuffs. So use the following methods to train your dog for effective result.

Longhaired Whippet standing on the field
Longhaired Whippet standing on the field.
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Leadership: When the Longhaired Whippet is still a puppy, establish a firm and consistent leadership upon them. As they start to see you as a master, training them becomes more convenient. Never be harsh on them by raising a hand on them or using harsh word. This will only make your dog scared or even aggressive. So, always be gentle but consistent with your dog.

Positive Reinforcement: A positive methods of training is one of the most effective methods to use while training your dog. Treats, praise motivates your dog to be more focused on the training session and learns things quickly. So, do not forget to reward your dog as soon as they complete a certain task.

Agility: When your dog reach adulthood, it is time for its advance training which includes dogs sports, agility, and many more that helps to keep your dog’s body healthy and mind stimulated. Therefore, as soon as your dog master the basic and reach around 6 months old, involve them in the agility.

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