Maltese dogs are a gentle breed and are really playful in nature and can get along with anybody. They are also regarded as therapy dogs. Apart from their gentle side, they can be alert and fearless.

Maltese are dogs that shed very little and can be a great lapdogs. Maltese dogs cannot be left alone as they require a companion. They are very enthusiastic in nature and tend to learn activities very quickly.

Suitable Training Method For Maltese

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a very best training method for Maltese. Maltese often want to please their owner and are willing to do anything that their owner. The rewards being provided when they are on their best behaviour will encourage them more to be in discipline and they can become very affectionate.

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You should be very firm while training Maltese as they are a gentle and very small breed of dogs.


The socialization training for Maltese should be started from their puppy stage. It is important to expose them to other people other than the people in the household and also other animals. Maltese has an aggressive and protective side when it comes to its owner. For this reason, they can bark a lot around strangers. So, socialization training for Maltese is seen to be very important.


Your dog needs to obey you and be disciplined around the house. In case the dog is not obedient and disciplined it might create various behavioural issues and it may get difficult for the owner to handle the dog.

Do’s In Providing Training For Your Maltese

  • Always be gentle while training your dog.
  • Always command your dog in a gentle voice.
  • Your dog should be taken out to socialize with other dogs as well as people.
  • You should always appreciate your dog when they obey your command or show good behaviour.

Don’ts In Providing Training For Your Maltese

  • Unnecessary rewards should always be avoided.
  • They should not be left alone.
  • You should not train your dog in cold weather as they are very gentle and can get sick very easily.

When To Start Training Your Maltese?

An ideal time to start training your Maltese is when they are 8 weeks old. The Sooner you train your puppy sooner it learns and will be on its best behaviour throughout its adulthood.

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Training your dog from the puppy stage doesn’t mean they should be introduced to difficult training and commands. They should be trained to start from basic commands, like sit, lay, come and stay. Gradually after they know basic commands they are good to go for more advanced commands and training. The advanced training should be started when your puppy is 4 months or older.

Where To Start Training Your Maltese?

It is best if you house train your Maltese as it only takes 4 to 6 months to fully house train your puppy. In case of the owner being away from the house, it is best to enrol them in the training centre. Maltese can be very aggressive when left alone without any socialization. So it is best to enrol your puppy in a training school. Maltese in a home without its owner also limits its learning opportunities.

Your dog should not only be confined within a boundary but also needs to be in an open and free space. They should also be trained in an open field as it completes two goals at the same time. One is the training and another is the exercise for your pet.

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