McNab Shepherd is a working and athletic dog that do great at herding than other breeds. They require daily physical exercise that keeps them busy and active throughout the day. Their intelligent and skilled nature makes them easy to train with positivity and motivation.

They can run hundreds of miles in a day while driving their herds. These breeds also work as Search and Rescue, evidence search dogs, and area search dogs for missing persons.

When To Train McNab Shepherd?

Training your McNab Shepherd should start at an early age when they reach 8 weeks old. Being intelligent bred, they learn everything easily and quickly that benefits the training session. Young puppies give less attention while training hence, teach them some simple commands like  “sit,” “down,” and “stay,” in the beginning. In addition, train them for housebreaking and potty training.

When they are 4 months old, start training and make sure they are currently familiar with all basic training. As for now teach them commands like “Spin”, “Go and Fetch”, “Bark, “wait”, “Stand Tall”, and so on. Then slowly move on to their extra activities like agility, dog sports, and dog race.

Where To Train McNab Shepherd?

Begin their training session at the home as they feel more comfortable around their known surrounding. Their beginning training won’t be hard so you can even train them in your kitchen. Always remember to choose a quiet place for their training as the pup easily gets distracted by the surroundings. For instance, they can chase after birds or pets every time they see them. However, as they grow switch the training place to the ground, park, or backyard.

McNab Shepherd in his herd duty.
Image Source: McNab Shepherd Registry

Despite the house training, if you are having a hard time while training them, you can send them to a training center. They get to learn more skills and techniques in school. Also, McNab Shepherd will be more socialized and shows good behavior in the training center.

How To Define Task For McNab Shepherd?

To define the task for McNab Shepherd, make sure to use simple commands. Firstly, demonstrate the task given to them by yourself. For example, if you teach the “sit” command then show how it’s done, then make them so it repeatedly. Whenever they do the command correctly reward them with a treat that motivated them to do better.

For a first-time owner, it’s always difficult but with patient and consistency, it will get easier and better. Remember to be their leader as they can be stubborn and show submission behavior. With proper guidance, they are great companions for hiking, running, and jogging.

McNab Shepherd running along with his master.
Image Source: Instagram

Training Methods

There are various ways to train McNab Shepherd as it depends on what method the owner chooses. For a first-time owner choose easy and effective techniques. Below are some of the methods for your dog while training them.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is a must for every dog as it’s for their proper behavior which involves basic training as a simple command. It helps to control anger, get comfortable around strangers, and show good manners. To make this effective give them treats, praise, and affection.

Avoid Punishment

No matter how well you train them if punishment or harsh words are used then your dog won’t show expected behavior. They are a sensitive breed so think before you take any action. Don’t use harsh tones as they are fragile and your behavior can lead to depression. In addition, their behavior can backfire and make them more aggressive and stubborn.

Positive Reinforcement

This method is where you show nothing but only a positive attitude towards your dog. It helps the owner and dog to build a strong bond as well as have a positive mindset throughout the training. Treat them with their favorite food or toys whenever they show good behavior so they continue that in the future.

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