McNab Shepherd is a protective, friendly, and sociable dog breed for working cattle. Their bold nature and working abilities are the reason they are more independent than other herding breeds. They are bred for herding sheep, llamas, geese, goats, and gathering horses.

If you have considered making these breed your pet then learn more about their temperament and behavior. So, here in this article, you’ll know more about their behavior.

Temperament of McNab Shepherd

The temperament of McNab Shepherd is obedient, hard-working, and well-mannered. These breeds strive to please their owners and learn everything easily. It is an extroverted breed that can be an excellent companion for runners, runners, and athletes. In addition, these breeds love to be around the people they love and want to spend more time with their family members.

They are an energetic and highly active breed that loves to run miles without any hesitation. Let them participate in daily activities such as agility, flying ball, dog sledding, discus, etc. Keep these breeds busy with activities as they don’t like to sit around all day long.

The personality of McNab Shepherd

The personality of McNab Shepherd is playful, people-oriented, and affectionate. They do well in the house with other pets if raised together with proper love and care. These breeds are family people and don’t want to be alone. Pet owners must always make time for them and be with McNab Shepherd.

McNab Shepherd with his best friend Yoshi.
Image Source: Instagram

They are also very sensitive to raising your voice. Therefore, don’t use any harsh words or physical punishment as they will devasted by it. Always use positive reinforcement while training as their desire to please nature motivates them to do better. In addition, reward them with treats and always end their training session while praising them.

Is McNab Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Yes, McNab Shepherd is a child-friendly dog that is caring, protective, and loving with children. They do well with children and are fond to play with them making great partners for each other. However, early socialization is important for their proper behavior if you want them to get along. Also, make sure to teach your children how to react around dogs. While playing supervise them as some dogs get irritated by loud noises and mischief behavior of children.

McNab Shepherd sitting with his friend.
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Is McNab Shepherd Aggressive?

McNab Shepherd is not considered aggressive bred because of its calm and delightful behavior. They are not likely to hurt or bite anyone without command if trained properly. For instance, their protective nature towards their loved ones can make them aggressive depending on the situation you are in. If you are in trouble, they won’t hesitate to jump in to save you.

How does McNab Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Whenever they see a stranger, McNab Shepherd will bark at them to make the owner alert of their presence. They make a good watchdog but aren’t great guard dogs. Sometimes, a dog’s bark against a stranger is a good sign however, your dog can also bark at your friend or guest. To avoid this thing make sure you socialize them with other people and dogs.

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