Country of OriginUnknown
Nicknames and Other NamesMutt
Scientific NameCanis Lupus Familiaris
Breed TypeCrossbreed
GroupMixed Dog, Companion Dog
Bred ForGuard Dog and Family Companion
Recognized ByNone
Life Span10-15 Years
Ideal WeightVariations in size
Ideal Height Variations in size
Fur TypeEither smooth, harsh, short, long
Common Colors Variations in colors
MarkingsWhite, Black, Tan
AvailabilityWidely Available
Suitable for ApartmentsYes
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToUnknown

Mongrel dog, which is also known as the Mutt does not belong to officially recognized dog breeds. It is a result of mixing the different variety of dogs that is of different breeds type.

It cannot be said which two breeds are the parents as it is not the part of the intentional breeding like designer breeds where only two known breeds are used.

All things about Mongrel is unpredictable from appearance, behavioral traits, size, health problems and so on. Some can be small and some can grow big which you will not know when your Mongrel is still in its puppyhood. You will not know if it will need a big area or just an apartment will be fine.

Although, you can determine how big it will get by the size of the puppy’s feet. If the puppy’s feet is larger than the body, the puppy will be larger when it is fully grown.

Temperament, behavior, and Personality

Like said before, the behavioral traits of the Mongrel is unpredictable. It might have a mild temperament or might have aggression but they will be of mixed of everything, which is one good point.

They might possess a huge hunting instinct or herding instinct. Also, they might be good at swimming and retrieving. Your Mongrel can be extremely energetic or way too lazy.

It all will be a mystery when your Mongrel is still a puppy. The only way to determine its behavior and temperament is by observing closely to their daily behavior when they are still small. Their personality and temperament can also be determined with the kind of environment and surrounding they are grown up.

Is Mongrel Child-Friendly?

It is hard to say if the Mongrel is friendly with children or not. If you have a child at home and you are thinking of getting a Mongrel, it might not be a great idea. You don’t know its temperament and what it is capable of.

So, it is better to keep a dog with a known temperament when it comes to children in the house.

A Mongrel with a baby toy
A Mongrel with a baby toy.
Image Source: Instagram-@ jj.cho


Training from a very early age is important when it is about Mongrel. Their behavior and traits are unknown. So, it is important to give the right shape to your dog from an early age so it grows up to be a well-tempered and obedient dog.

Mongrel tends to be smart and intelligent, so training will not be hard. Train them from a small age and establish a consistent leadership on them. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats as a source of motivation.


  • Being more specific about Mongrel, it is known as the dogs that are the result of accidental mixing (natural) of breeds which also can be said unintentional mixing.
  • They are more affordable than purebred dogs as they are known as inferior.

Health Problems

General HealthHealthy
Common Health Issues
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Coronavirus,
Canine Parvovirus, Canine Parainfluenza,
Canine Distemper, Kennel Cough
Weight Gain Potential
Separation Anxiety
Diets and Supplements

Although Mongrel is not a purebred, it is known to be healthier than the pure breeds out there. They also have a high life expectancy and only have a few possible canine health problems during their lifetime.

  • Allergies: It is a condition that is caused due to the contact of the foreign particles that is not suitable for your dogs. The allergy might be from grass, food that it has taken accidentally, air, dust and so on. Some rashes on the body will be seen and also other sign like not feeling like eating. Take your dog to a vet for the check-up and give your dog the medicine recommended by the vet.
  • Obesity: It is a condition that is caused due to over gaining of the weight. Your dog can be in this situation when feeding is more than exercising. It can also cause other joints and bones problems so involve your dog in exercises and provide them with a balanced diet.


The Mongrel can come in many varieties of colors. The exact type of color cannot be determined.


Cost: The cost of the Mongrel puppy is relatively lower than the purebred dogs. It can cost somewhere between $300-$400 USD.


The size of the Mongrel is not predictable as it can come in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

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