The Goldendoodle is the beautiful mix of the tow beautiful breeds: Golden Retriever and Poodle. It generates the traits and characteristics of the dominant parent.

It makes an excellent family companion due to its friendly, loving, and playful nature. As an energetic dog, it is not best suited in an apartment and needs a house with a yard where they can roam around.

Goldendoodle is a designer breed with a mixed personality from both of its parents. This mixed personality makes it a great and excellent dog for all aged people in a family as well as for a single living person.

Temperament of the Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle has a very active, loving temperament of the Golden Retriever. They are very attached, loyal, and devoted to their family. They have the outgoing, cheerful and sociable temperament of the Poodle.

So, they get along with other pets in the house and also with strangers very well.

The Goldendoodle forms a very strong bond with its family and especially with one particular person. It sees that person as a leader and is devoted towards its leader.

They are attached with the whole family as well and if they are left alone without anyone to accompany them, they become destructive and depressed. So, do not leave them for a young period of time.

Personality of the Goldendoodle

The personality of the Goldendoodle is cheerful, gentle, and affectionate. They are a very playful and fun-loving dog that enjoys the company of its people. They are smart, intelligent that it easily catches on new instruction and commands. With firm and consistent leadership, they can be trained easily.

Goldenpoodle with its master
Goldenpoodle with its master.
Image Source: Instagram-doodletales

Goldendoodle is a very friendly dog, so they can be kept with other pets in the house as well. They can have a partner and company when there is no person at home. This way they will remain contained and happy. Reward them with delicious treats as they obey your command and perform a task. This will keep them motivated and focused on the training.

Is Goldendoole Child-Friendly?

Goldendoodle is very friendly with children that enjoy their company and loves to play with them. They are also tolerant of children harsh behavior and are not likely to get aggressive.

Although small children should be taught to be gentle with dogs and handle them with love. Never leave your dog and your child unsupervised and guide them.

A boy cuddling with a Goldenpoodle
A boy cuddling with a Goldenpoodle.
Image Source: Instagram-@_cassie_mason_

What Makes Goldendoodle Aggressive?

Goldendoodle does not fall on the category of aggressive dogs. They are very gentle and loving with people and are not likely to get aggressive. Although unnecessary teasing and provoking them can make them aggressive like any other dogs. So, do not teach them and treat them harshly.

How Does Goldendoodle Behave Around Strangers?

The Goldendoodle can be shy with strangers at first but as you introduce them properly, they will get along with them pretty well. Early socialization is necessary to make your dog get along with visitors and guest at homes. with proper socialization, they greet visitors at home warly and friendly by waging their tail.

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