Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a relatively rare breed in the United States but has always been popular in Holland, now the Netherlands. This active athlete has a striking orange to reddish colored coat with gorgeous feathering. Its looks are very similar to those of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is playful, affectionate, and reliable with children. Its love for the water and playing fetch makes this breed a great companion for active kids. It is a good-natured and friendly dog whose popularity has been increasing.

What kind of temperament do Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs have?

The temperament of Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is friendly and affectionate with its family but quite reserved with strangers. Once properly introduced, the dog will happily accept guests into their homes with proper treats and attention.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs are extremely sensitive dogs because they do not like to be around people who yell, scream or at all boisterous. These dogs were bred to be in and around water and still enjoy romping, splashing and swimming. Families with active kids and a swimming pool will be quite happy with this dog breed.

Personality traits of Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dog breed has a range of personalities, this breed is highly intelligent and sometimes stubborn, yet sensitive. Firm but gentle handling is necessary and this breed needs a master. This breed is natural hunter and worker, thus need a fair amount of exercise.

As soon as Nederlandse Kooikerhondje puppy is acquired, the owner should manifest a strong role. The dog has the ability to dominate and allowing the dog to be his own master can lead to disaster. Training must be done in a gentle manner as heavy-handed training can have detrimental effects on this sensitive dog.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs are very friendly and affectionate dogs if they know you well. They would appreciate all the love and affection you can dish out. They make ideal house pets as they are gentle with kids but get to know them first. They make very good watch dogs because they are naturally reserved and suspicious of strangers.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dog catching frisbee, swimming.

Are Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs child friendly?

Yes, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs are child-friendly because they can be good with children when they are raised to them or socialized to them at an early age. That might be related to the dog’s own childlike joy and energy.

It’s important to supervise dogs and children together and teach them to respect each other. Show young children how to pet the dog nicely and don’t permit them to play with the dog’s food and water dishes or toys or crawl into his crate.

temperament of NederlandseKooikerhondje dog
NederlandseKooikerhondje dog with kid

How it feels to live with Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs?

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dog is a friendly and affectionate dog with its family but quite reserved with strangers. They love water and will swim until they cannot move anymore. They are great pets for dock diving, air dogs and water games competition. If you have a pond and are missing your dog, look at the pond, it will be there.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dog would do well in apartments as long as they are given sufficient exercise to burn their excess energies. These dogs are naturally inquisitive in learning and would appreciate a home with a fenced in yard where they would have the opportunity to run and to check everything that caught their fancy.

temperament of NederlandseKooikerhondje
Living with NederlandseKooikerhondje source:instagram@ kaijsapo

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje dogs have a life expectancy between 12 to 14 years. So if you are planning to keep a dog at home then It can be your best choice!

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