The Norwegian Buhund is an intelligent and independent dog breed who is a part of the Spitz class of dogs.

The Norwegian Buhund was owned by Vikings and the dogs were so close to Vikings that they travel everywhere with them and they even insisted to be buried with Vikings upon their death.

Temperaments Of Norwegian Buhund

The temperaments of Norwegian Buhund is intelligent, independent, fast-going, active and eager to please everyone. They were so smart that they were able to handle all kinds of jobs without any difficulty. And to maintain their this ability they require lots of attention and exercise.

Norwegian Buhund Are Good Watch Dogs.
Norwegian Buhund Temperament And Personality Image Via Elelur

They are very loyal to its family member and carries an inborn desire to please. They are considered as very brave and fearless dogs who usually adapt any type of situation and are not wary of strangers. Because of their intelligence, they are good watchdogs as well. Today these dogs are even used in police work.

Friendly Personality Of Norwegian Buhunds

Personality traits of Norwegian Buhund are cheerful, hard-working, talkative and sociable. They are particularly yappy or vocal dogs. They are usually not excessive barkers but if they found something is not right, they will bark and alert its family.

Because of their independent temperament, some of them tend to do just fine of they are left alone.

The Norwegian Buhunds are athletic, high-energy animals. They need mental and physical stimulation, and need to be active throughout the day. These dogs are very active and love to take long walks with its people, running in the garden and playing with other dogs.

Is Norwegian Buhund A Child-Friendly Canine?

Yes, the Norwegian Buhund is child-friendly breeds and are great playmate for them. They are affectionate towards its family including kids and loves to play and cuddle with them.

They are fun-living dogs and can keep entertaining your child only if your child behaves well.

How Does It Feel To Live WIth Norwegian Buhund?

The Norwegian Buhund is a healthy dog who does not require much grooming. And because they are both friendly and protective they are an excellent choice for family pets.

When it comes to training they are stubborn but still, they are not deal-breakers. As a trainer or owner you need to make sure that they are enjoying the training, so keep short training sessions, reward them with treats and praise them when they follow your instruction.

If you are looking for a family pet who is good at everything attends every situation well and plus they are friendly with your children and other pets in the home, then Norwegian Buhund is a right choice for you.

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