The spirited Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest of the Terrier breeds, but it is a sturdy companion who fits perfectly into family life. It has an outgoing feature typical to Terriers and is more friendly.

The Norwich Terrier has a rectangular build, a slightly foxy expression, small dark eyes, pointed ears, a wiry coat, and a bright expression. The dog has shorter back than the Norfolk Terrier.

What Kind of Temperament Do Norwich Terriers Have?

The Norwich Terrier has an even temperament and is very lovely around everyone. They are always eager to meet new people and love being the center of attraction. Norwich is a working breed and might tend to be independent at times but will prefer more staying in a human pack.

Photo of Norwich Terrier Carrying A Log to play.
Image Source- 1ZOOM.Me.

Norwich Terrier is a curious and observant dog and not surprisingly, they are great watchdogs while being one of the most easygoing members of the Terrier group.

Personality Traits of Norwich Terriers

The active and intelligent Norwich Terriers have strong personality because they love being with their guardians and characteristically are interested in everything their guardians do. They are very energetic and are also filled with mischiefs.

Norwich Terrier: Yes? How Can I Help You? Image Source- Etsy.

The Norwich Terriers are generally untrustworthy off leash, as they have terrier instinct to roam. The curiosity and hunting urge draws them to roam and explore every cranny. Like other terriers, they may chew and dig if bored.

Norwich Terrier approaches new tasks and situations with vigor, and make an excellent family companion. Their loving personality and even temperament make them a good choice for first-time dog owners.

Are Norwich Terrier child friendly?

Yes, Norwich Terriers are child-friendly because they are known for their love for everyone. An adult Norwich who is unfamiliar with children can do best in a home with children who are mature enough to interact with them properly. Norwich Terriers are playful, lively and often rambunctious which makes a perfect pair with children of all ages.

Norwich Terrier Having A Good Time With Its Friend. Image Source- Instagram @zo_zoolander_terrier.

Early socialization helps the Norwich terriers to behave properly with children and other people. Proper supervision is also necessary so that the possible damages are removed. They can live with other dogs and pets if are socialized at early ages.

How Does It Feel To Live With Norwich Terriers?

Norwich Terriers are good family dogs since they are interactive and affectionate with their human pack. They can live with other dogs and cats as well if raised with them. The Norwiches have strong prey drive, these skills make them apt to kill small pets such as rodents, birds, and reptiles, so these should be kept away from Norwich Terriers.
Cute Norwich Terrier Yawning.

Norwich Terriers make excellent watchdogs but poor guard dogs because of their size. But, they will make you aware of their bark if someone is approaching the territory. The Norwich Terrier is ideal for a pet owner who wants a small, active dog who does not require a large yard and give them frequent walks, games like fetch, and other activities.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

These Norwich Terrier dogs will chase small animals and can sometimes be aggressive. The cats should not be entered in Norwich Terrier’s home. Moreover, they are aggressive when not properly fed or left alone for a long time.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

The Norwich Terriers reaction to strangers may be friendly but it is more often a bit reserved. These alert dogs make excellent watchdogs but early socialization is necessary

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