Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Nicknames and Other NamesNone
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypePurebred
GroupTerrier Group
Bred ForHunting rodents and vermin
Life Span12-15 years
Ideal Weight12 pounds (male and female)
Ideal Height10 inches (male and female)
Fur TypeHard Wiry, Soft undercoat
Common ColorsBlack and Tan, Red, wheaten, Grizzle
AvailabilityWidely available
AchievementsFeatured in movies
Suitable for ApartmentsVery Suitable
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToCairn Terrier

Norwich Terriers are small breed yet sturdy working Terriers with naturally prick ears and almost water-proof coat. Despite their size, these dogs are brave enough to run away a fox from their den.

If you want a Norwich Terrier, then you must have a yard and time for your pet to take on long walks, play fetch games and other activities. Here is some information about the breed which might help you.

Origin And History

Norwich Terrier originates from the east-central part of England called East Anglia, north of London. Between 1899-1902, Frank Jones bred the red brindle bitch crossing between working Terriers and one the puppy named “Rags” became the founding sire of the Norwich Terrier.

The Norwich Terrier then moved to United Stated with Frank Jones and found out that, they could not only hunt vermin but also work alongside the Foxhounds. Norwich would flush the fox from their dens.

The Norwich Terrier Club of America was formed in 1938 and officially recognized the AKC as the parent club for the Norwich breed.

Are Norwich Terrier Child Friendly?

Yes, your children are absolutely safe with Norwich Terriers. They are known for the love for people which includes children too. Norwichs are playful, energetic and often rambunctious.
Norwich Terrier: Going On A Walk With My Little Partner.

Norwiches are best suited for homes with children who can teach them new tricks and play all day long. However, it is important for you to supervise your child and pet while playing.

Temperament And Personality

Norwich Terrier are fearless, sturdy animal. As bred to hunt they may chase small animals like reptiles, birds and rodents. These small animals should be kept away from the Norwiches. They might chase the small animals and also become aggressive. Norwich are prone to barking especially left for prolonged periods. Taking to walks, proper exercise and leaving interesting toys can help you to avoid these kind of behaviors.

I Didn’t Do It. Photo Credit- Instagram @draymondgram.

Norwich Terriers are extremely loyal and affectionate with everyone. They love people and staying in the human pack. Norwich should be offered a job to to to keep them healthy both mentally and physically. Though they are a small breed, they are not a couch potato.

Norwich Terriers are never tired of playing balls and running from one place to another. They are lively and have a mind of their own. Norwich will enjoy their time pleasing themselves and the owners as well.


Norwich Terrier like to be the leader of the pack which should be taught from puppy hood that they aren’t the in charge. They are incredibly smart and the repetition of tasks may bore them, so it is important to make sure you keep your training session fun and interesting.

When the Norwich masters the basic obedience training, it should be graduated to advance training such as, agility or Earthdog. Agility allows them to exercise their mind as well as their bodies whereas, Earthdog allows them to hunt and dig for vermin.

Facts About Norwich Terrier

  • Norwich Terrier and its cousin Norfolk Terrier are the smallest breed among the Terrier group.
  • The Norwich Terrier coat is almost completely waterproof.
  • It was a trend for the Cambridge University students to have a Norwich Terrier in the late 19th century.

Health Problems

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesObesity, Patellar Luxation, Bloat
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Distemper, Leptospirosis,
Canine Parvovirus, Canine Parainfluenza,
Kennel Cough, Canine Coronavirus,
SheddingNone to Minimal
DroolingLow Drooler
GroomingAverage Grooming Required
Weight Gain PotentialHigh
Separation AnxietyModerate Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 23%
Fat: 8%
Fish Oil

Epilepsy: The Norwich Terrier are prone to suffer from Epilepsy which is a condition that causes seizures in the dog. This disorder cannot be cured but can be treated by medication.

Elongated Soft Palate: The soft palate is the extension of the upper part of the mouth. It can block the airways and cause difficulty in breathing. It can be removed with a surgery of excess palate.

Price Of Norwich Terrier Puppies

The Norwich Terrier puppy price is somewhere between $1,400 – $2,000. The price of the puppy also varies from breeder to breeder depending upon the quality and gender of the breed.

Litter Size

The Norwich Terrier gives birth to an average of 1-3 puppies at a time.

Size Of Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier is a small sized dog breed.

Height: The Norwich Terrier stands up to 25 cm which is 10 inches tall.

Weight: The average weight of the Norwich Terrier is 10-12 pounds.

Color Patterns

Norwich Terrier are found in four different colors.

  • Black and Tan
  • Grizzle
  • Red
  • Wheaten

Breeds Similar To Norwich Terrier

  • Cairn Terrier
  • Border Terrier
  • Scottish Terrier

To conclude, Norwich Terrier are small yet sturdy and brave dogs. They are best suited for homes who can afford enough time to keep their pet happy and healthy.

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