Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog also is known as The Welsh Grey Sheepdog is a purebred dog that is active, lively, hardworking, and intelligent having life expectancy of 12-14 years. The dog is a very playful breed that will alert you by excited barking and biting something.

This dog are more sensitive than other dog and are social as well. The very energetic breed are easy to train. But if you prefer quite breed in your house this is not a good choice because they often bark loudly.

Origin & History

This very playful dog is the breed of Sheepdog native to Wales. They were shaggy and long-haired. They were found in both large and medium-size. 

Many breeders believe that this breed is responsible for the making of modern Welsh Sheepdog. They went declining in early 20th century because other breeds were preferred more.

Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog
A rare and old photo of extinct Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog.

How Did Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog Become Extinct?

Just because of the increasing use of Border Collie for herding, Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog starts to decline from the early 20th century. They were still found on Welsh hill farms in the upper Towy valley as late as the 1980s.

Though the breed is extinct, it may have contributed to the makeup of the Welsh Sheepdog.

Temperament, Behaviour, Personality.

Old Welsh Grey sheepdog has very active and confident temperament. This intelligent dog are very hardworking and lively too.

As mentioned above the dog is very playful and sensitive, even a soft punishment affects them emotionally. Though they are family companions they do not like the frequent guest .

Having a very genuinely loyal, soft and gentle personality they are loving and affectionate dogs toward their handlers. But having a stubborn personality they are not good for novice owner.

Was Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog Good With Children?

Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog with no doubt is a very child friendly dog with playful character. Though they are active they do not harm family members.

As they are easy to train they can find the difference between command and action quite quickly.

Some Facts About Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog

  •  They are very good watchdogs and has a low chance of bad smell.
  • They can adapt the life style change and living environment.
  • This active dog has a strong desire for exploring the world.


The Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog are found in grey color.


However, the size of this dog is large medium having a weight 35-48 pounds of female & 40-60 pounds of male.


Mother Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog can give 4-10 puppies at a time.

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