The Sakhalin Husky, also known as Karafuto-Ken is a purebred dog having a life expectancy of 12-14 years. They were used for sleds and cart pulling because of its harsh snowy climate tolerating power.

Sakhalin Husky is a large size dogs and both male and female have different size.Because of their large stature and amazing stamina they look very attractive.

Origin & History

Sakhalin Husky was originated in Russia and Japan. Sakhalin Husky was originally bred by Nivkh, the indigenous people of Sakhalin. In 2011 only 2 purebreds of 12 years were left Hana and her brother Kuma.

Once, Sakhalin Husky was also a premier military dog breed. Besides pulling carts and sleds they were also a good family companion and loyal to there owners. 

Sakhalin Husky dragging Sledge.
Sakhalin Husky were used as Sledge Dog in Cold Regions of Japan and Russia.

How Did The Sakhalin husky Become Extinct

None of the studies and report are available for the reason of the extinction of Sakhalin Husky. But one of the reason might be that they were used in WWII and later declared as not suitable for war because of their salmon craving habit.

Temperament, Behavior, Personality

If you are looking for a Loyal dog Sakhalin Husky is a good option. They have very active, hard working, independent temperament .

These energetic dogs has a very friendly behavior and  likes being around people or other animals.

Sakhalin Husky are typically good-natured with people. They are playful, and light on their feet.

Was Sakhalin husky Good With Children

Of course, this very friendly, loyal dogs are kid-friendly. Though they are energetic they will not harm your child or any of the family member.


British Royal Navy officer Robert Falcon Scott was also the owner of these loyal dog Sakhalin Husky.

Sakhalin Husky need extensive physical stimulation every single day.


Sakhalin Husky are found in following colors:

  • Black
  • Russet
  • Biscuit
  • Cream


These very intelligent dogs are large-sized having a height ranged between 22-25 inches (57-64 cm) of males and 21.5-24 inch (55-62 cm) of females whereas they weighed about 22-25 inches (57-64 cm) male and 21.5-24 inch (55-62 cm)female.


Mother Sakhalin Husky can give birth to 1-7 little Sakhalin husky at a time.

Sakhalin Husky Puppies
Sakhalin Husky Puppies were very Cute,

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