“It’s like we have a light back into our lives” Rastrelli says.

A 5 year old Pitbull is home is back and reunited with its owner after disappearing two and a half years ago says STUART, Fla.

The Pitbull owner was reminiscing her long lost dog, Sugar and showed the picture from 2016 when she said, “This is the picture of her on the couch on Christmas”.

“It is really remarkable” said, Port St. Lucie police officer.

When Sugar didn’t came back after roaming the 45-acre lot, “I posted on Martin County lost and found pets, lost and found pets of the Treasure Coast”, said Rastrelli.

The owner’s appeal was never answered until the Port St. Lucie Police Department finally received the information about a stray dog.

Pitbull re-united with owner after two and a half years.

They found the dog wandering around the 1400 block of Southwest Del Rio Boulevard which was about more than 20 miles away from where Sugar was lost.

Port St. Sgt. Keith Boham said, they were able to track the owner of the dog with the help of a microchip. “It was remarkable” said Boham.

He added, “With a microchip we have the ability to scan the pet and locate you in the event that your animal goes missing”.

Now that Rastrelli is finally re-united with her Pitbull, Sugar, she says, she found her dog, even all hope was lost.

With the story of Rastrelli and Sugar, we can imagine how much Rastrelli had missed her baby Sugar, and at the same time we can also share the happiness of hers, when she was finally able to carry her dog in her arms after two and a half years.

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