Portuguese Pointer is a medium-sized dog breed from Portugal. They are also known as Perdigueiro Português (Portuguese), Portuguese Pointing Dog.

It is a well-muscled, sturdy dog that belongs to a gundog group. Its distinctive features are its square-shaped face and body. The face size is proportional to the size of the body. The ears are of medium-sized that is set high and hangs down onto the cheeks.

Portuguese Pointer is a hunting dog that was used for marking or pointing falcons or hawk and assets the hunters towards the location. They are very dedicated to their work. Although they were bred as a pointing dog, they now make a great family pet and companion.

Temperamenet of Portuguese Pointer

The temperament of the Portuguese Pointer is loyal, affectionate and loving. Due to this nature, they make an excellent family pet. They are very active and dedicated while at work but also love to sit beside its owner relaxing all day.

They are loyal to the family and can make an equally strong bond with each of the family members. Due to their gentle and friendly nature, they get well even with house pets including cats. Portuguese Pointer is typically not a guard dogs but they tend to bark if they sense any kind of danger, warning their owner.

Behavior: Portuguese Pointer is a very active dog and needs regular exercise to keep its mind and body healthy. However, if their activity requirement is not fulfilled, they tend to become destructive by doing activities like chewing and barking.

It is not an apartment dog and if you want to keep it in an apartment then take him out for a walk or run regularly. Otherwise, they will be anxious and depressed.

Personality of Portuguese Pointer

The personality of the Portuguese Pointer is smart, dedicated and active. They are a very energetic dog that can play with you and entertain you all day long. They desire to please their owner, so training them is not hard for any owner, either novice or experienced.

They tend to catch commands quickly which make it easier for a person to train them. Portuguese Pointer does not do well in the house with birds pet at the house as a hunting dog and their prey drive for birds.

Portuguese Pointer is a gundog
Portuguese Pointer just hunted a bird.
Image Source: Pinterest

Is Portuguese Pointer Child-Friendly?

Portuguese Pointer is a very gentle and calm dog that makes an excellent friend with children. They are very tolerant of kids even toddlers and do not mind their pulling and pinching.

Children should be taught to approach dogs no matter how tolerant the dog is. They should be taught how to behave around dogs. Small children should be supervised.

Portuguese Pointer is child friendly
Portuguese Pointer sitting with a child, while having lunch.
Image Source: Instagram- @portuguese_pointer_maia

Is Portuguese Pointer an Aggressive Dog?

Portuguese Pointer is not at all an aggressive dog. They are very gentle towards people and do not show any kind of aggression with anyone. However, if they sense any danger or odd activity in the surrounding, they will bark with a loud voice warning their owner about the danger.

How Does Portuguese Pointer Behave Around Strangers?

Portuguese Pointer is shy around strangers and is a little nervous around them. If socialized from an early age, they will get along with them and can become welcoming of them. They are gentle with strangers and if some unknown people approach them with gentleness, they tend to make them their friend. Therefore, they do not make an excellent guard dog.

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