Take a look at awesome Pug puppies gallery which is naturally cute and grumpy. I can bet these pictures will make your day.

At the end of this cute pictures of Pug puppies, you will find the information about their origin and path to their natural behavior and instincts.

A cute Pug puppy hanging on a wood swing.
Pug: “My hooman let me swing on a Sunday.”
Image Source: Wayfair
A Pug puppy giving an innocent look.
This is not what i asked for, I am hungry. Can you please offer me treat?
Image Source: YouTube
A Pug puppy taking a nap.
This is what i am excellent at. 😀
Image Source: Instagram@pugsforlife81
A Pug puppy acting cute.
Tongue Tuesday. 🙂
Image Source: Instagram@pugsforlife81
A cute Pug puppy drinking a shake.
This shake has become my favorite drink. Yummy!
Image Source: Instagram@imapugnamedhamilton
A Pug puppy running.
They call me chubby. Am I? If yes, you can see me working very hard.
Image Source: Wallpaperplay
A Pug puppy.
Giving an innocent look for a photo.
Image Source: summer_the_pug17
A Pug pupp in a bag.
My hooman finally decided to take me on a trip.
Image Source: Instagram@cutepuglovers
A cute Pug puppy laying upside down.
This is what you get when you wake me from a deep sleep.
Image Source: Instagram@pugsworldwide_xo
A Pug puppy with a toy.
Don’t you dare touch my teddy friend. This is mine!
Source: YouTube

The Pug is a lap dog that originated from China and has a docile, friendly and charming personality. The motto of the Pug is “multum in pravo” which means “a lot in a little”. You will definitely want to buy this cute dog after seeing some of the cute pictures of it.

The small-sized Pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog that has flourished since before the 400 B.C. It is a lean and leggy dog with short legs and a long body. Here are some amazing and adorable pictures of this breed that’ll definitely steal your heart.

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