From their long heavy coats to their elegant look, Rough Collie have found the way into the hearts of people around the world. They are intelligent as well as the most striking dogs when it comes to their beauty.

The most beautiful dogs, Rough Collies are herding dogs. Rough Collie became famous over the world after a film, “Lassie Come Home”. Since then they are famous for being a pet as well as working dogs.

Thinking of adding the eye-catching dog into your family? Before that, you should research about their temperament and Personality.

Rough Collie’s Are Even Tempered

With their beautiful appearance, they are also mild mannered and even tempered dogs. Rough Collie’s are extremely intelligent and quick learners. They love the human counterparts and does not like being left alone.

Rough Collies tend to have separation anxiety and may become chewers, barkers and destructive. They are suited for the family where at least one person usually stays at home.

Rough Collie Outdoor.
Rough Collie in the field. Image Source: Pets4Homes.

Early socialization are very important for Rough Collies. It is important for these dogs to introduce to them to different people, other animals to become a confident and outgoing matured dogs.

Being a herding dogs, Rough Collie are never happier when they know their place in the pack and who they want to look for direction. If they sense any alpha personality, they will quickly acquire the role of dominant which often makes hard to handle.

Are Rough Collies Child Friendly?

Rough Collies have the reputation of being the most good family dogs. They thrive in home environment and love playing with children of all ages. Rough Collies can be a good play-mate for your kids as they are highly energetic.

Rough Collie With A Kid.
Rough Collie And Kid Having A Playtime. Image Source: PPcorn

The children should always be supervised by an adult while playing with a dog.

Personality Traits of Rough Collies

Rough Collies personality is known to be smart, quick learner and friendly with people. However, they are sometimes hard-headed and will respond well to consistent, reward based-training. Many Collies also make great therapy dogs due to their calmness indoors.

As Rough Collie needs attention, they will bark excessively to make you realize that it is the time for you to cuddle with them. They are gentle and friendly with everyone. They make a good watch dogs as they will
courageously stand by their loved ones when it comes to protecting their family.

Are Rough Collie Good Family Dogs?

Yes of course! Rough Collies are a wonderful family dogs. You will never get bored with a dog like Rough Collie. Although Rough Collie are loves being outdoor, they are not outdoor-only dogs, they thrive indoors with their loved ones. They love participating in family activities.

The Rough Collie is known to learn the individual characteristics and behavior of each and every person living in the house. This is why a dedicated training is important. They are noted for their loyal and nurturing personality.

All in all, Rough Collie are one of a kind with their elegant looks to their herding personality. Treat your pet like a family then you will get the same affection back to you. However, temperament and personality depends on how you treat and raise them.

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