The Schipperke is a medium-sized dog breed that is originated in Belgium. It is a very active and very alert dog that was bred as a watchdog. The name Schipperke means “little captain” in Flemish. Its body is double coated where the outer coat is long, straight and the inner coat is dense.

The Schipperke also has the history of hunting which used to hunt vermin and rodents. It has a fox-like appearance and comes mostly in black color that is only accepted by the American Kennel Club. It has a high level of energy so it is only suitable for an active owner who can provide it with enough exercise.

Temperament of the Schipperke

The temperament of the Schipperke is alert, curious, and confident. As a watchdog, it is very alert about the activities going on in the surrounding. It will bark and warn its owner about someone’s presence in the area. Therefore, it is known as an excellent watchdog. They are very protective of their peoples and properties.

Schipperke running
Schipperke running on a field.
Image Source: Doglers

The Schipperke is a very curious dog which is smart and intelligent. They are always looking for adventure and are always putting their head in some pipe or hole. They like to keep themselves busy, so they should be involved in daily house chores. This makes them happy and satisfied. Therefore, provide them with enough activities to keep themselves sustained.

Personality of the Schipperke

The Schipperke has a bold personality and is independent and headstrong which can lead to difficulties in handling. They are a high-spirited dog and are always looking for something creative or adventure to do. The Schipperke is a smart and intelligent dog breed that learns any new instruction without much trouble. Therefore, if trained well, they can be an excellent dog.

The Schipperke is not difficult to train as they are very smart and quick at catching new tricks and commands. However, it is very important to develop a firm and consistent leadership upon them as independency can strike sometimes. Use a positive method of training by rewarding them with lots of treats and praises. This will motivate them to learn and obey.

Schipperke and Labrador doing tricks.

Is Schipperke Child-Friendly?

The Schipperke get along very well with children of all age and makes a great playmate for them. They are very loving of kids and adore them a lot.

They do well in a house with older children but if you consider keeping it in a house with small children, always supervise. Teach your children to approach dogs and handle them.

Schipperke is child-friendly
A girl pulling Schipperke in a cart.
Image Source: Instagram-@blackfoxclicquot

What Makes Schipperke Aggressive?

The Schipperke is not an aggressive dog. They are bred to be friendly and good. They can only get aggressive if someone provokes them continuously. However, they are not likely to bite unless it becomes unbearable.

How Does Schipperke Behave Around Strangers?

Schipperke is suspicious of the strangers naturally as they are watchdogs. They need early socialization with a variety of people so that they do not show unnecessary aggression toward them while growing up. Therefore socialization is necessary to make them welcoming of guests and visitors at the house.

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