The Scottish Deerhound is a giant dog breed that was bred for hunting deer. They were used by high nobility and were valued by them. The origin of the Scottish Deerhound is Scotland and known as “the Royal Dog”. They are a large dog so they’ll need a big space to roam around. Apartment life is not suitable for them.

The Scottish Deerhound is a strong dog with a large and strong bone. The coat is harsh n the body, neck, and quarters and soft on the head and belly. They are a very friendly and active dog, so makes a great family companion. They are very affectionate and does well in a family with people of all ages.

Temperament of the Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound has a gentle and friendly temperament. They are fun and playful so makes a great companion in a family. They enjoy being with people and spending time with them. However, they have a mind of their own and even if they spend more time with their people, they like to do things on their own.

The Scottish Deerhound is not a kennel dog and likes to sit inside with its family. If they are kept outside alone, they will get depressed and sad. Therefore it is better to keep them inside with you rather than alone outside. They are very affectionate towards their family and thrives for their attention and love

Scottish Deerhound playing
Scottish Deerhound playing.
Image Source: dogtime

The Scottish Deerhound is a very energetic dog with a high energy level. They need regular exercise to keep themselves satisfied and fit. They need a good amount of exercise not only because they are an energetic dog but because they need to build up and maintain muscles. Therefore, they are for an active dog owner who can take them out for jogging, running, and fetching.

Personality of the Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound has a loving, alert, and curious personality. However, they are not alert as a watchdog but they are alert towards what interests them. Therefore, they are not a good choice for someone who wants a watchdog. If they see something interesting, they start chasing them and will not return until their chase is complete.

Training Scottish Deerhound is quite a difficult task to do as they are independent and are stubborn sometimes. They need firm and consistent leadership from an early age. Use positive methods of training to encourage and motivate them. Do not be harsh and forceful on them as they might develop fear or aggression inside.

Is Scottish Deerhound Child-Friendly?

Scottish Deerhound adores children and is very friendly with them. They like to be around them and spend time with them. Although they are a friendly dog, their interaction with small kids should always be supervised to avoid any kind of bad behavior from either party. Teach your children how to handle dogs and behave around them.

Scottish Deerhound sitting with a baby.

What Makes Scottish Deerhound Aggressive?

The Scottish Deerhound is not an aggressive dog. They are very friendly and gentle with every human being and also with animals. You get to see its aggression when it is being provoked like any other dog. Other than that they are not known to be an aggressive dog.

How Does Scottish Deerhound Behave Around Strangers?

The Scottish Deerhound is very friendly with strangers and gets along with everyone. They are naturally a sociable dog that does not require socialization much. They tend to get along with almost any person they meet and can even be friends with intruders. So, they are not great guard dogs.

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