The Scottish Terrier was originated in Scotland as a rodent and vermin hunter. It is a small sized dog with a compact body that is covered with a thick, dense hair. It does not need a big space, it will do fine in an apartment as long as it gets enough exercise. Take it out for exercise regularly to keep itself fit and healthy.

The Scottish Terrier is a reserved dog but it thrives for attention and love at home. They love being engaged in regular family activities and enjoy helping them in their chores. Therefore they make a great family companion for a family who is very active and loving. It is not a lap dog so it is not suitable for the owner who is looking for a cuddling buddy.

Temperament of the Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier has an alert, confident, and spirited temperament. They are very alert of the things going on in the surrounding and will bark at a strange activity to warn their owner. It is a very friendly dog who is fun and playful. It makes a great pet and companion for a family of all age. With their playful nature, they tend to keep their family entertained.

The Scottish Terrier is usually a quiet dog that does not bark much. However, if they sense some unusual activity in the area, they will bark. therefore they make an excellent watchdog. They are not much of a runner or jogger but they can give you a company for a long walk.

Personality of the Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier has a very independent, loyal, and friendly personality. They are very loving towards the person they closely know and are loyal to them. They are close with all the family members but get more attached to one particular person and see them as its leader. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a firm leadership upon them from their small age. Otherwise, they will see themselves as a pack leader.

Training Scottish Terrier is somewhat difficult as they are independent and can be stubborn sometimes. A firm and consistent leadership are needed to control their independent and stubborn behavior.

Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and vocal praises. Never be harsh on them or use force hand. Be gentle and encourage them with a gentle pat on the back.

Training Scottish Terrier.

Is Scottish Terrier Child-Friendly?

Scottish Terrier is great with children of all ages as they are loving, caring, and affectionate towards them. Although loving, they do not tolerate children pulling and pinching them. Therefore, small children should be supervised and guide properly so that they do not behave harshly or roughly around dogs. Never leave your small kids and Scottish Terrier alone to play.

Scottish Terrier is child friendly
Scottish Terrier laying besides a baby.
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What Makes Scottish Terrier Aggressive?

Scottish Terrier is not a naturally aggressive dog but sometimes they can get aggressive towards a certain situation. If they are handled harshly or roughly, they can show anger. They are not much friendly towards other dogs, especially same sex dogs. So, while taking out in a dog’s park, always keep them on a leash and obedience training is necessary.

How Does Scottish Terrier Behave Around Strangers?

Scottish Terriers are aloof and wary of strangers. They do not trust and like any unfamiliar people crossing their territory. They do not get along well with strangers so early socialization is necessary. Socialize them with a variety of people at their young age so that they do not behave shy or aggressive around strangers.

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