The Sheltie’s is a smartest small breed dog with soft personality, playful, light-footed runner and graceful jumper. The first thing people notice about Shelties is that he is extremely good looking.

Shelties are naturally kind, obedient, vigorous and extremely loyal to the family. They are shy by nature; therefore need an early socialization to overcome their shyness. Despite its reserved nature around strangers, it is not at all aggressive.

A well grown Sheltie measures between 13-16 inches and weighs between 14-20 pounds. Sheltie has a long face, wears a thick double coat and comes in Merle, Blue Merle, Tri-color, Sable & White, Black & White, Black & Tan, Sable colors.

The Captivating Sheltie Temperament

Sheltie needs a high love and affection from their owner. They need a regular human contact and cannot be left alone for a long time. They become miserable if they don’t see people moving around in front of their eyes. Shelties have soft pleasant temperament and are highly intelligent and sensitive towards the surrounding. Therefore, it has watchdog ability.

Sheltie loves to play. They love to chase moving things like rat, hen, vehicles etc. They need a wide area to play and run so the area should be well fenced for their safety. If you are not the one who can look after your dog more often, provide safety and don’t want a playful dog; Sheltie is not for you.

Sheltie Playing in Snow.
Image Source: vetstreet

Sheltie has quick reflexes so they are more reactive to noises and touch due to which they do not do well in environment with loud noises, perpetual tension and rough manner.

They always want a companion by their side so if they are left alone for a long time, they become unhappy. Unhappiness leads to their bad behavior which includes chronic barking, destructive and anxious behavior.

The Expressive Personality

Sheltie has an expressive personality. They express their emotion through body language, vocal cord by making high pitched sound and their expressive face. They are mostly identify by their ear-piercing voice which is why it is necessary to train your Sheltie to obey to quiet down.

Sheltie is very attractive dog with smooth, long hair with mixed color like black, white, brown with some color combination. Sheltie dog coat is made up of two layers: the short under layer and a long and smooth outer layer.

Attractive Personality of Sheltie.
Image Source: Vetstreet

Shelties are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. They pick up command quickly. With good amount of motivation and treat, they can be trained faster. Sheltie likes to become a centre of attraction and praised by their family members but if treated harsly, they become defensive. Training them with tricks can make them keep their memory sharp.

Shelties are naturally soft, sweet and gentle canine. They are very much loving and caring with people. Being sensitive and playful, Shelties makes a great campanion to play with and harmless to let your kids play with them. Due to their small and light weight physical apperience, it maybe harmful to let them play with big dogs as it might get rough and might hurt themselves.

When it comes to loyalty, Shelties are intensely loyal breed. They like to sit with their people all the time and will follow them around all day long.

Shelties are usually healthy as they are running, playing all day which is a good exercise for their body. It’s not that they are not prone to any diseases al all but awareness is necessary. Few problems may occuer to their health so time to time checkup is required to avoide any dangerous health problem.

Are This Dog Breed Child Friendly?

Sheltie get well with children if they are raised with them from an early age. They can get overwhelmed by their loud voice and quick movement and they have high tendency of chasing moving things. So, it might be risky to leave your child with Sheltie without supervision.

Sheltie playing with baby without harming.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

They are mostly reserved with strangers and get nervous around them. Early socialization and exposure to different people are necessary. They are loyal, loving and affectionate with family but aloof strangers and don’t want to be patted by them. However, if given time, they will get along with strangers.

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