The Sloughi is a loyal and playful canine which makes excellent watchdog and family pet. They are highly trainable dogs which respond very well to positive training and training with treats and praise.

In their native Africa, Sloughi is a working dog but originally they were used for hunting. It is an intelligent hunter which tends to chase every moving object.

Temperments Of Sloughi

Sweet, alert, sensitive, independent, playful, faithful are temperaments of Sloughi dog. It’s their temperament which makes them a noble and dignified pet. They are extremely affectionate to their master and their love for their master is very deep.

Sloughi Are Extremely Athelic
A Sloughi dog Running in a feild.
Image Via Pet4Homes

Sloughi’s are intelligent, independent and curious about their surroundings. The dogs are quite calm when indoors and like to lie on soft rugs and blankets. They meet strangers with aloofness and caution, but friends are greeted with enthusiasm.

Personality Traits Of Sloughi

If you are looking for a dog which is tall, slender and elegant and who has qualities like; holds a calm and dignified manner, polite to the strangers though alert and territorial. And who has extremely athletic and graceful personality, you must definitely have a look at Sloughi.

The Sloughi has a leggy, dry lean and muscular appearance which gives an impression of natural beauty as well as strength. They are quite alert and protective of their livestock. These dogs will not hesitate to protect their property so the Sloughi can be an ideal choice if you want an excellent guard dog.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Sloughi’s get along well with children if they are raised with them. They make great playmates with children and will enjoy playing with children in the Yard.

However, because of their strong chase instinct, it makes necessary to supervise them when around children to make sure they are in their limits. It is also important to teach your children how to approach dogs.

How It Feels To Live with Sloughi

Sloughi, as told before, are quite active and athletic and like all other hunting breeds, Sloughi also requires a good amount of daily exercise to keep them healthy both mentally and physically.

These hunting hounds have a high prey drive which can lead to chasing small animals like mice, rats, and squirrels. If you are in a family with other small pets and you want to keep them together, they need to be raised together from their puppy age.

What Makes Them Aggressive

Sloughi Are Aggressive Towards Other Dogs.
Sloughi dog Being Aggressive.
Image Via Goodbadbreeds.

Sloughis are very graceful and loving by nature. They are not likely to be aggressive unless they believe that their people are threatened. One more thing which can make the aggressive is unsufficient socializing with other dogs and pets.

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