The Small Musterlander was originated in Germany that is known as the versatile hunting dog. They were used for tracking, pointing, and retrieving game. They are excellent hunters and also a great family companion. As an active dog, they are not much suitable in an apartment and need room to roam.

The Small Musterlander is a medium-size cheerful and playful dog that loves spending time around people. Their muscular body is strongly built with a powerful neck, deep chest, and strong jaws. The ears are medium-sized, well-feathered and hanging on the side if cheek.

Temperament of the Small Musterlander

The temperament of the Small Musterlander is strong-willed, happy, and gentle. They need firm leadership and harsh treatment will only make them stubborn. They are a happy and cheerful dog that can brighten anyone’s day when they are around. They are very gentle with their people, so they are suitable for the family with kids and old people.

The Small Musterlander needs a good amount of exercise regularly so take them for a walk, hike, or for running with you. They can become a good running and hiking partner for you. If they do not get a regular good amount of exercise, they can become anxious and can even get depression.

Small Musterlander on hunt
Small Musterlander with its prey.
Image Source: Pointing Dog Blog

Personality of the Small Musterlander

The personality of the Small Musterlander is affectionate, smart, and adaptable. They are very loving and caring for their people. They are protective of them and if they see some threats coming towards their people, they will not back off and try to defend them. Therefore, they make excellent watchdogs who look after their family and their property.

The Small Musterlander is eager to please their owner so as long as they get a consistent leadership, they will obediently follow their master. Use positive reinforcement by rewarding them with treats, vocal praise, and a gentle pat on the back. This will encourage and motivate them to follow you and your commands.

Never be harsh on them as this will only make them stubborn. Be gentle and loving with them.

Video of Training Small Musterlander.

Is Small Musterlander Child-Friendly?

The Small Musterlander adores children and are very protective of them. They are playful around them which makes them great playmates for kids. Although they are friendly and gentle dogs, do not leave them alone with small children. Your supervision is always necessary when they both are interacting with each other.

Small Musterlander is child freindly
Small Musterlander sleeping with a baby.
Image Source: Instagram-@hybrydowka

What Makes Small Musterlander Aggressive?

The Small Musterlander is no aggressive dog at all. They are very gentle dog breed. They can be aggressive towards same-sex dogs sometimes but if raised together, they tend to get along with other pets pretty well.

How Does Small Musterlander Behave Around Strangers?

The Small Musterlander gets along with strangers well. They do not show any aggressive behavior towards them and are naturally gentle. They are welcoming and friendly with visitor and guest but if they sense some threats, they will bark at them warning their owner.

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