Stabyhoun is a very intelligent and versatile dog breed which is a great hunter and watchdog as well. They are canines who requires a lot of mental stimulation to avoid problem behaviors.

Stabyhouns are friendly, affectionate and eager to please dog. Despite the fact that they are hunters, they get along well with other dogs and pets in the family.

Temperaments Of Stabyhound

The temperaments of Stabyhouns are gentle, sensitive, affectionate and energetic. It is a smart breed and learns quickly, they are gentle human beings and loves to be near its people.

Stabyhouns Pups Are Naughty.
Stabyhoun Puppy Running Holding Slipper and trying to play.
Image Via Holidays4Dogs

Stabyhoun is an intelligent and highly trainable breed which has an independent behavior, so they need consistent and firm training. Stabyhouns are very friendly and easygoing with other canines, they do not possess any kind of aggressiveness or dominant nature toward other dogs.

Personality Traits Of Stabyhoun

The Stabyhoun is lively and active dogs but are quite calm when indoors. They are fun-loving and attention seeker and it is recommended not to leave them alone at home for a long time. These dogs are very gentle and devoted which makes them an excellent family pet.

Stabyhouns are playful who loves to perform tasks and to play outdoor games. Most of them are great swimmers and enjoy participating in all dog sports.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Stabyhoun Is Easygoing With Children.
Stabyhoun With Little Girl.
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The Stabyhouns is good around children, because of the playful and affectionate nature and tendencies to be patient and tolerant makes them excellent playmates with kids. However, like all other breeds supervision is required to make sure both of them are in their limits.

How Does It Feel To Live With Stabyhound?

Stabyhoun dogs are a very intelligent and obedient pet who makes a good guard dog as well. They are very affectionate and many of them loves to “cuddle.” They are also a great hunting dog and can spend hours in the field. They can be reserved around strangers but early socialization will prevent this problem.

What Makes Stabyhoun Aggressive?

Stabyhouns is not an aggressive pet, but because of their alert and protective nature, you can see them sometimes being aggressive. But naturally, they are not aggressive, they are very friendly with human beings and other dogs as well.

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