The Swedish Vallhund is an active and alert canine who needs an equally active master. They can be shy and will require extra attention to become an amazing family companion.

The Swedish Vallhund is an ancient dog breed who is very smart and intelligent and has boundless energy to boost. However, like all other breeds, they also need early socialization. It is important to expose them to many different people, sights, and sounds.

Temperaments Of Swedish Vallhund

The temperaments of Swedish Vallhund is lively, confident, curious and independent. They are very loyal to their family and is seen as quite courageous in alerting them of visitors.

The Swedish Vallhund is a calm, gentle and adaptable breed who makes well suited for almost all types of environment.

Swedish Vallhund Is Very Energetic.
Swedish Vallhund Jumping in the Woods.
Image Via Instagram@ wufwufwuffe

The Swedish Vallhund is a lively and playful canine which requires regular exercise. These dogs are very affectionate to their people and want to be around its people as much as possible.

Personality Traits Of Swedish Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund is a canine with a big personality in a small package, making them a very lovable and energetic pet. With its great personality, they make very responsible pet who is always alert to make sure everything is going well around them.

Swedish Vallhund  Is Gentle And Calm With Their Owner.
Swedish Vallhund Standing. Image Via Reddit

The Swedish Vallhund is known to very watchful and their this nature makes them great alarm dog. They like to bark to let you know of their current mood. Dogs of this breed are smart and love to learn new things, especially if you make training fun.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Swedish Vallhund Is gentle With Kids.
Swedish Vallhund comfortable With Baby Girl.
Image Via Instagram@reusablefamily

Swedish Vallhund dogs are easygoing with children, especially if they are raised together. However, because of their habit of chasing and nipping at moving objects, they can be a little dangerous with small Kids. Therefore, strict supervision is required to make sure they are in their limits.

How Does It Feel To Live With Swedish Vallhund?

If you are looking for a dog which possesses a working dog temperaments and has a robust body with heavy bone and who is quite spirited and athletic, but requires an only moderate amount of exercise to maintain their muscle tone, then Swedish Vallhund is for you.

Swedish Vallhund is a dog who combine their working intelligence of herding breed with the playful nature of a spitz. Early socialization helps to ensure that your Swedish Vallhund puppy is growing well to be an all-rounded dog and is not afraid of strangers, children and other animals.

What Makes Swedish Vallhund Aggressive?’

The Swedish Vallhund is not an aggressive canine, they are very friendly with humans and greats strangers with pleasure. However, because of their instincts and high prey drive nature, they can be dominant or aggressive towards strange dogs and animals who enter their territory.

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