The Standard Schnauzer is an active and alert canine who might get restless and do destructive things without sufficient exercise and stimulation.

The Standard Schnauzer has a calm, quiet and reserved nature behind that unique mustache face. They are intelligent and easy to train dogs and is quite loyal to their master but naturally wary and reserved around people they don’t know.

Temperaments Of Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer has a loving and devoted temperament. Their bravery and intelligence make them both good companions and watchdogs. These dogs are very loyal to their family and love to be physically near its people and that is why he is a dog that should not be kept outside alone.

The Standard Schnauzer is a good-natured and lively dog which is friendly toward guests if they have been socialized from early. If not socialized early, they may act aloof until they get to know the person better.

Personality Traits Of Standard Schnauzer

The bold, firm Standard Schnauzer is a high-spirited canine which makes sociable companions, good chasers and alert watchdogs. They are easygoing with kids as well as adults.

Standard Schnauzer Dog Makes Alert Watchdogs.
Standard Schnauzer Dog looking cute.
Standing. Image Via Petcoach.

These dogs have a calm and gentle behavior and approach everyone with a firm hand. These dogs love to play whether it’s with you or another pet and also they need brisk walking every day and must get the opportunity to run several times a week.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Standard Schnauzer Is Well With Children.
Standard Schnauzer Cuddling With A Child.
Image Via Instagram@wilsonfisk_the_schnauzer.

The Standard Schnauzers do well with families with children, they are more playful and energetic when around children, they are very friendly with kids and enjoy playing with them. As like all other breeds, this breed also requires supervision while interacting with kids to make sure that both are respectful to each other.

How Does It Feel To Live With Standard Schnauzers?

Standard Schnauzers IS Gentle With Human Beings.
Standard Schnauzers With Their Master And Other Dogs.
Image Via

It is believed that the look of Standard Schnauzers that you see today is not a natural look. One must spend time clipping and trimming their coat or by using the services of a proffessional groomer. Dogs of this breed do shed, they require regular brushing, bathing, and grooming to keep them overall healthy.

What Makes Standard Schnauzers Aggressive?

The Standard Schnauzers do not really possess aggressive behavior but if they are not sufficiently socialized, they can be dominant and aggressive towards other dogs of the same gender. Therefore early socialization is essential to prevent them from being aggressive when adult.

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