The Swedish Elkhound aka Jamthund is a spitz-type breed that is also popularly known as Jamthund is found in Northern Europe. It is one of the three Elkhounds, where two are Norwegian Elkhound and Black Norwegian Elkhound. They have a wolf-like appearance but are gentle and loving dog breed.

Jamthund is a strong, muscular medium-sized hunting dog that also does best as a family companion. They are not suited in an apartment and need an open place for their regular physical activities. They are a highly active dog that is only fitted with an active and experienced dog owner.

Temperament of the Swedish Elkhound

The temperament of the Swedish Elkhound is affectionate, active, independent, and courageous. They are a very brave dog that is not afraid to face any animals, even double their size.

It is a brave hunter that can even face down a bear. In the field, they are very brave and fierce but at home, with family, they are very affectionate and gentle. Swedish Elkhound enjoys spending time with its people and is loyal and loving towards them.

Swedish Elkhound is a highly active dog breed that needs good amount of physical exercise for a healthy body and mental stimulation. If they do not get the required amount of exercise for their body, they are likely to get anxious and destructive. So, involve them in physical activities with you as they are happy to help you.

Swedish Elkhound running on the field
Swedish Elkhound running on the field.
Image Source: Wisdom Panel

Personality of the Swedish Elkhound

The personality of the Swedish Elkhound is loving, gentle, playful, and protective. They are very gentle and loving with their family and are very protective of them. Their protective nature makes them great watchdogs as well as guard dogs. So, their gentle, loving, and protective nature make them an excellent family pet.

Training Jamthund cannot be trained by a novice dog owner. They need an experienced dog owner that can train them with consistency and firmness. Use positive reinforcement as a source of motivation. They tend to respond well to treats and lots of vocal praises.

Is Swedish Elkhound Child-Friendly?

Yes, Swedish Elkhound is a friendly dog with children as they are loving, gentle and tolerant of them. They are playful with them and makes a great playmate for them.

Although Swedish Elkhound is a friendly dog that is gentle with kids, it is important to supervise both of their action to avoid any kind of accidents.

A baby and Swedish Elkhound watching TV
A baby and Swedish Elkhound watching TV.
Image Source: Instagram-@frugyris

What Makes Swedish Elkhound Aggressive?

Swedish Elkhound is not an aggressive dog breed in general. They can only be seen in anger when they are hunting or when their family is been a threat by someone. So, unless they are been provoked or their family threatens, Swedish Elkhounds are not known to be an aggressive dog breed.

How Does Swedish Elkhound Behave Around Strangers?

Swedish Elkhound does not trust strangers and is suspicious of them. They tend to bark with the approach of some unfamiliar person. Only after a proper introduction, they are welcoming of them. Early socialization with different people is necessary.

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