Shiloh Shepherd is a big, strong dog breed that is under development since 1974. It has a similar appearance like that of the German Shepherd but was focused more on its strength and temperament.

It is believed to be created by crossing German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute.

Although the sized of the Shiloh is large and its appearance is powerful and fierce, it has a mild temperament that does best as a family companion.

As a hybrid dog, Shiloh Shepherd has got the mixed traits from its parent’s breeds which makes it unique, loyal with the best temperament.

Temperament of Shiloh Shepherd

The temperament of the Shiloh is gentle, sweet, loving, and courageous. They are very loving and devoted to the family that forms a very strong and close attachment with them. It is known to be playful and energetic but also calm, gentle and quiet which makes them an excellent family companion for all aged people.

However, they are not suitable in an apartment and need an open place where they can perform their regular activities.

This Shepherd is a very active dog that needs a regular, good amount of exercise. They should be taken out for exercise, dogs sports, and other physical activities for their good state of mind.

If they do not get the physical activities that they required, they tend to get destructive and anxious. They will start barking, chewing stuff, digging, so it is necessary to provide your Shiloh Shepherd with enough physical exercise.

Shiloh Shepherd with its owner
Shiloh Shepherd with its owner.
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Personality of Shiloh Shepherd

The personality of the Shiloh Shepherd is friendly, playful, outgoing, aloof but not aggressive. They do well with other pets in the house if raised together from an early age. They are a gentle and loving dog that is also popularly used as a therapy dog in various countries.

Shiloh Shepherd is a very affectionate, eager to please and highly trainable dog with right reinforcement.

While training a Shiloh Shepherd, you should use a positive method of training. They are a highly trainable dog that can only be trained by an experienced trainer or a dog owner.

Never be harsh on them as it will only make them scared or aggressive. Reward them with delicious treats, a gentle pat on the back and lots of vocal praises.

Is Shiloh Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Yes, Shiloh Shepherd is a child-friendly dog that is very affectionate, caring, and protective of kids. They are a highly energetic dog who is very playful with kids and also protective of them. They play with them and also are protective of them.

So, it can be said that Shiloh gets along with children very well but elderly supervision is always necessary when your dog and kids are interacting.

Shiloh Shepherd and a baby boy playing
Shiloh Shepherd puppy and a baby boy playing.
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What Makes Shiloh Shepherd Aggressive?

Shiloh Shepherd is a mild to medium-mild temperament dog which is not generally an aggressive dog. Although it can hold onto a target on command if trained properly. They are not likely to hurt or bite anything without a command. Their aggression can be seen if there is some threat coming towards its people.

How Does Shiloh Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Shiloh Shepherd is aloof of strangers but is not aggressive on them unless they treat them. Therefore, early socialization with a variety of people is necessary so that they are welcoming and friendly with visitors and guest at home.

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