Picturing our childhood is incomplete without a dog in the house. Moreover, only a select few grew up without a puppy. So, to us personally, we highly recommend every family to have a canine companion that can afford to.

Dogs can be a key ingredient in shaping a child’s personality. Some kids who grew up caring for a pup become more self-reliant and responsible. As such, the bonds between dogs and children are important. Here, we cover why kids should grow up with a canine companion.

Dogs Give a Lesson in Responsibility

In life, a person needs to complete many things, from learning how to read and write to learning responsibility. While schools teach children to read and write, they only touch the responsibility part. It is the household that teaches a child to be responsible.

A child doesn’t own a dog and doesn’t have to take care of the said pup. As such, those kids with a dog in their house learn key life skills like feeding, grooming, and exercising the pooch. So, kids who grow up with a pup in their home are more responsible.

Kids with A Pup At Home are More Healthier

Kids generally run around and play for most parts of the day. However, these days children spend most of their time in front of a screen. Likewise, kids today spend most time indoors. Today’s kids like to spend time in front of a computer screen rather than play outside, having a pup changes that.

Children love to play with their pets and having a dog makes them want to play outside. Aside from spending time with their puppy outside, they also exercise. As such, kids with a dog at home are generally more healthier.

Children Develop Better Emotion Intelligence with a Canine Companion

Studies have shown that kids who grew up with dogs have a better grasp of emotional intelligence. Moreover, children with dogs went on to have better empathy. Having a puppy while growing up allows the kids to care for something other than them.

Kids as dog owners have a higher self-esteem. Given they have taken care of the pup since its early days give them self-assurance. The children gain confidence after they look after a canine companion. And it is easier to tackle challenges for the kids later in life.

Like self-esteem, kids who grew up with a pet are more self-aware. Likewise, while interacting with doggies, children learn to be more aware of their emotions. Kids learn how their actions cause the reaction of their canine companions.

Kids growing up with a pet dog can be rewarding for them and their parents. Also, having a fluffy companion to have at the end of a hard day is bliss in its own right.