Wire Fox Terrier is an amazing family pet for homes with well-mannered children. This terrier is very obedient breed who responds well to positive training.

The Wire Fox Terrier is an energetic and outgoing breed who possess boundless energy. They may be small in size but they are very strong and sturdy.

Temperaments Of Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier has lively and outgoing temperaments. They live life to the fullest and are highly curious to know new things. Dogs of this breed are very sharp, spirited and are easy to adapt to almost every environment and situations making them an ideal family pet.

Wire Fox Terrier Is An Active Breed.
Wire Fox Terrier Standing. Image Via Country Life.

The Wire Fox Terriers are very active and alert dogs which makes them excellent watchdogs. They get along well with people and dogs if raised together, however, they may not be the best option for homes with small pets, including rabbit and hamsters.

Personality Traits Of Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier is an active breed which is best suited to families who can involve them in lots of activities. These dogs do their best when given a job to do and try to impress their owner. Dogs of this breed naturally love digging when they get bored.

The Wire Fox Terrier is easy to train dog but an obedience class is required to curb their strong hunting instinct. If properly trained and socialized, they can be familiar with other pets, though male dogs of this breed can be little aggressive toward other male dogs.

Is Wire Fox Terrier Good With Children?

Wire Fox Terrier Is Excellent With Children.
Wire Fox Terrier With Baby Boy.
Image Via Instagram@laure_antibes

Wire Fox Terrier makes excellent playmates for children. Dogs of this breed are very energetic and playful, they are never tired of playing. Although they can be a good choice for families with older children, they can be too boisterous over small children and toddlers. Supervision is required with small children.

Living With Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier is a very alert and confident breed, they make a perfect match for active families. These dogs are very loving and love spending time with its family, they always feel like if someone in the family stays with them all the time.

Wire Fox Terrier Makes Good Family Companion.
Life With Wire Fox Terrier
Image Via [email protected].

Dogs of this breed are independent thinkers and sometimes it can be quite challenging to change their mind. A dog of this breed can easily take over a home if they are not made clear that they are not the boss.

What Makes Wire Fox Terrier Aggressive?

The Wire Fox Terrier is gentle around well-behaved humans. Though, because of their strong hunting instinct, the male dogs of this breed can be aggressive towards other dogs of the same gender.

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